Your Pokitto - Show it to the World!

Finally got my Pokitto (had to go to the post office for a signature), after 4 days of my postman not bothering climbing 10 stairs and have my wife sign it for me… No customs fees in the end, just a signature. Now on to setting up this bad boy! :wink:


My pokitto is ready! looks awesome with the first case set :smiley:

True, I feel kinda spoiled right now. When I lived in my home-country Chile I did not bother, but now I actually notice how dirty are other places.I went to see the wonderful Book of Mormon musical in London last month and I could not ignore how dirty and smelly to piss/weed/cigarette was everywhere!


The little boy is greeting me with a big smile! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If you want to test the speaker at full volume, put this on an sd card:

rename to feelgood.snd first, its not a binary!!!

deleted see real link to game entry below

EDIT: that is, if you have not already wiped the test file from memory…

whoops, can has code for that test file?

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Wait a sec. I will be putting a lot of new stuff up today, including the test file

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Glad there’s actual urls and not just the QR codes.

I think it depends where in london you go.
Any place with big attractions like a theatre is bound to have muck everywhere. I can’t remember what they were called but one of the docks I went to once was quite clean. Can’t remember whether Camden was clean, I wasn’t looking much at the pavements.

You can tell that image is in Britain though:
Muck on the pavements (despite the bin being just across the road), traffic being diverted (with a big yellow sign), double yellow lines and of course most significant - the patchwork roads.
(The only place I’ve seen worse roads is Greece.)

*cringes* I don’t like musicals.

Oops, I’ve gone really far off topic :P

My Pokitto family is now ready :smirk:


Just saw the postman coming up the road and decided to wait a moment for him.
Lucky I did as he had 2 packages for me. One of which was my Pokitto.
I’ve successfully put it together and the sound test has worked fine.
Here it is posing with my dog Emma (who really didn’t like having something leaning against her leg).


Autumn brings good fruits:

I know A and B button are rotated, already fixed.


That typewriter would make an amusing keyboard with the right circuitry.


Very yes , and the Pokitto is the right size screen.


The postal carrier just dropped this off. Pokittos in the U.S.A. Yay!

Greetings from Portland, Oregon!


Got my Pokitto in!


Its got a watermelon vide goin on. Looks nice

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Just realised I never posted here.


Just received my pokitto!

Love my CGA inspired color scheme. The console feels great in my hand. One small drawback tho…

…I seem to be missing a screen :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, I got an extra screw :wink:



My mistake. I sent you one via special mail, was not paying attention.

I will ask Daniel to dispatch you one immediately.

… you can see mistakes begin to happen when you are shipping so many at a time.


No worries, I totally get it @jonne. That’s the thing with chaos, it will throw off your plans no matter how good :slight_smile:
Still super hyped for my pokitto :smiley: