Your Pokitto - Show it to the World!

For the color normally i will receveid with a new send the black cover (i love it)

for now whit back, pink transparency et pepermint button

Nice packet with security :wink:

Open my little toy (i’m like a kid)

Nice packed :

Open it :slight_smile:

Instruction very simple :slight_smile:

Powe on (with and without flash light)

WARNING TEASER (i just 50% of them so could have 50% more surprise on the back of the PCB ;))
Could you find your doodle ?


Do you get no LCD backlight when you turn on?

Edit: i know all units were shipped as working, so I am thinking how to guide you. The tutorial video is uploading to YT right now

Edit: I think your LCD is not properly connected. Did you close the LCD connector latch properly?

I’ve replug on the screen connector :wink:


Now power off, connect to PC with USB, hold the lower silicon button at the back, keep holding and power on

you should get flash drive

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Yes i’m on it i see firmware.bin file

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Your A button not placed correctly :smile:
edit: thanks for photos :slight_smile:


So lucky, so much awesome.

Yes i’ve changed that. The lego type clip on the corner are very stong.
You need to slowly clip them or you need to replace the button that jumped out :wink:

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That is so awesome!
I can’t imagine how rewarding for Jonne after all his hard-work and dedication, props to you Sir!!

And so exciting for all the backers, it’s really the beginning of the adventure now :wink:

Hope Pokitto goes a long way and have vibrant software made to it in the years to come, can’t wait to receive mine!!



Have you checked your postage tracking?

I am interested, because I want to know how well the shipping works

Cool, how do you compile the .bin files?

Update on making hardware binaries is coming tonight. The library for programming is already online at, and I am going to publish it as soon as I have made a final check that everything is OK

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Yes, I’m checking hourly :wink:
It arrived to France last Saturday but no update since then…
Maybe it’ll be in the box tonight! (fingers crossed!)



Ca va arrivé :wink:
Arrivé en france Samedi pour moi :wink:

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If your Pokitto came with that test program, you’ll need feelgood.SND on your sd card, 8 bit PCM mono 11025.

Warning, the default volume (255) is VERY loud.


That is why its NOT the default volume. This is a testing program that was used to quickly make sure everything worked. I did not have time to reprogram them. edit: meaning when you boot up any other program, 255 is not the volume level

In fact, final testing was done on M/S Megastar ship, in the lobby, on voyage to Tallinn. You should have seen the Japanese tourists gawking each time a new Pokitto let out that scream!