Your Pokitto - Show it to the World!


Can’t be in the box tonight: tracking says “delivery attempt failure, home delivery not possible” because apparently I need to pay taxes? Seems Pokittos are subject to customs fees… I hope they’re not outrageous for a $39 device :sweat:


Customs seem to be really random in every country.

Sometimes they charge really high amounts, sometimes it costs more to go to the customs office to pay the amount, sometimes there’s no charge at all.


Whaaaat? Why on earth? Estonia is in EU, France is in EU last time I checked. What the hell is that?


I guess because:


There can be no customs fees inside EU.

I hope its not because there is CN22 sticker on the package by mistake. If so, please point to them the item is from inside EU and the CN22 is an error in shipment. Packages were a mixed lot (inside EU and outside EU). It is possible CN22 (customs declaration) was put into a package by mistake.


You did you have Sound working with the “head” demo ???
I don’t have any music ? (some crackle sound of the hp only)


Can’t wait to get mine! Still waiting to hear about the tracking number. Hopefully I’ll get it soon. I wanna show off some stuff for it. :wink:


You need a file called feelgood.snd it should be a pcm mono 8bit sample.


I should be able to tell you tomorrow, tracking says attempt failure and that adressee was advised to pickup but there was nothing in my mailbox yesterday night, especially no paper asking me to go to the local post office…

I’m not surprised, French postal services are notoriously incompetent.




I see the scenery behind and I am instantly envious. I have done many work trips to Norway and I really like it there.


Yes! it is quite nice here. Also I love the cool weather :smiley:, here is more scenery :stuck_out_tongue: from Tromso island:

Question: My pokitto is alive and kicking! is there any “quick” package for loading every available demo to the sd?


Is there any trick to load the sd loader? I press C but nothing happens, tried with 2 sd, one formatted as FAT32 (16GB) and other as FAT16 partitioned with 4GB (card is 8GB)

And where is pixionia.bin? :stuck_out_tongue:


I just can’t believe how clean the pavements are.

Here in England the pavements are riddled with chewing gum and cigarette butts.
We’re always finding rubbish that people have just thrown into the bushes in our front garden because they can’t be bothered to find a bin.


pokitto’s assemble


So many lil pokitto.


I think my pokitto will come today. I’m really excited :heart_eyes:


Yes there is. I will put the necessary files on the site today.

I am sorry the “early earlybirds” have a bit of a tough time getting started. Tryin to be as fast as possible


Ok! Thanks. I am just excited :stuck_out_tongue: and wanted to try stuff


You forgot dog poop :wink:
Same here in France…