Pokitto Magazine Issue 2: Article Submissions



Now that 2020 has started and holidays are wrapping up, I think it is a good time to start collecting content for the second issue of the Pokitto Magazine!

Some ideas have been discussed back in November on this thread.
We also had some fantastic community feedback over here.

Submissions are open to the entire community! Anybody that wants to share to the greater good of Pokittoland and be published in the highly prestigious Pokitto Magazine is welcome to submit content!

For those who are newer to the community or may have missed the first issue, you can find it over here. Taking a look through there could give some great ideas for what the community needs :wink:

Being a community magazine, this is also open to folks who would like to give a try to help out in making the magazine. Proof readers, artwork, Game advertisements, and other necessities in making an outstanding magazine would all be great!

Types of Content (see issue 1 for examples):

  • Articles
  • Game ads! Submit an advertisement for your games for the whole community to see.
  • Photos of your Pokitto related projects.
  • Tech related humor.
  • Tips and tricks (kind of lile an article, but smaller).
  • Any other ideas of what you’d like to see or share with Polittoland.

Submitted articles:

  • Sharing Your Games Dont Forget A License, Drummyfish

Work In Progress articles:

  • Python basics: adding sounds, using eeprom, etc. - Hanski
  • Pokitto hardware schematics, part 2 - Jonne


In what list are unfinished articles supposed to be?


How do you mean unfinished?


I mean that I understand by “submitted” as ready for publishing, but I might be wrong.

I would like to have somewhere a list of WIP articles.


I could add it to the top of this post like I have submitted as a list?


Ok. I am going to write:

  • Python basics: adding sounds, using eeprom, etc.


Added to the list :smiley: thanks!


Pokitto hardware schematics, part 2 by me


I will need Jonnes help - i sent him my draft for an article, but shortly afterwards my PC broke, couldn’t restore everything including my article :roll_eyes:


Hey Nicole - I totally forgot this - sorry. I will dig up the email!


A reminder that the “suggest a programming article” thread never came to fruition…

If nobody comes up with anything I might just pick a crazy topic and write an obscure article that baffles half the forum. :P

I think pretty much anything I write would probably end up being a rehash of a better explanation of the concept, but now I’m beginning to think that even a watered down rehash in the magazine is more likely to get people to actually listen to the idea.


Want me to put you down for a To Be Named programming article?


Not just yet, I’m going to hold out hope that someone will come up with something they actually want to know about.

If I have the time and nobody comes up with something specific then I’ll fall back on preaching the virtues of C++11 and ‘good form’, explaining some undefined behaviour and/or ‘gotchas’, or just damning the things I don’t like.


:smiley: alrighty. Just let me know!