[Announcement] Pokitto Magazine, issue 1




Pokitto Magazine Issue 2: Article Submissions

great - will read it later!


Just great!
It’s an instant buy for me. Wonderful job guys!


Hope my physical copy doesn’t get lost on my summer holiday…


I noticed you got 4€ shipping cost by accident (missing setting on Woocommerce).

I have fixed it and will refund back the additional cost.

Edit: free shipping for the magazine works now. Only affected first 2 purchases.


Thank you, that’s a pretty amazing job, very well done :slight_smile:


Your article “escaped” :blush:

Purely an editorial bungle, but hey! We know now there will be issue 2 because so much stuff got left out.

I hope you’re ok being in issue #2


No problem, I didn’t even notice :smiley: I’m really admiring the professional design. I think it should be stressed there are some pretty huge news in the HW section.


At least i know now i was among the first two who purchased the physical copy. Hey, what about a signed edition for the first three😉


Augh! Demands, demands!

I can’t take it anymore!!!

Signed eh? Naturlich.


:+1: :laughing: - post most be at least ten characters


How about making a limited collectors edition? Glossy covers and including Jonne’s yoga pose with the signature :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A real limited edition should come with a yoga instructional DVD by jonne. It has been done before (allthough not really yoga, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg_VnsmATFE)


Well, i would prefer a paper craft pokitto :laughing:


Like an origami pokitto???


We could have a guide to making an origami pokitto in the next issue? :laughing:


Oh my gosh yes. That would be amazing xD. Do people trust me enough to continue being on the “magazine staff”? Because I could start collecting for next issue if folks are already excited for it. (Though the release wouldn’t probably be until December or January 2020)


Absolutely, it was your initiative, and you played a big part for making it a success!


Well thank you so much :smiley: the community did a fantastic job. Writing articles and a massive thank you to @Vampirics and @Pokitto. They are the ones that wrapped it all together and made it visually amazing.


@torbuntu lead a great squad in produce a magazine that’s it’s definitely over the sum of all its parts.