Pokitto magazine #2, article ideas?


Give suggestions for the mag #2 content in this thread. There is no date set for the #2 or anything, but I thought to start with this.

Note: you do not have to write it, just an idea is enough also. If you can write it too put your name in the end.

  • An interview of the JOTD jam winners: @HomineLudens and @Vampirics (if they are willing to do it) (by @Hanski)
  • The part 2 of the Python tutorial (e.g. audio, tilemap,…) (by @Hanski)

Pokitto Magazine: C++/Programming Topic suggestions

A post mortem of Canabalto could be an idea. I know Filipo talked about this.(@Vampirics)


How about “Getting started with Femto IDE” ?


It would be a rather short article: Download, extract, run. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Regrettably 12 year old me would not have understood those instructions.


I concur. I asked Tuomo (13yrs) to extract and run a patch to Mass Effect 2 yesterday.

No comprende.

And this is an otherwise very tech savvy kid (who has fixed a dozen phones)


As indicated by the emoji, my three-word article wasn’t entirely serious.

More seriously, if someone has trouble downloading, extracting a zip and double-clicking an EXE, then maybe PyInSky would be a better fit. If those 3 steps are problematic, then simply using FemtoIDE afterwards is also going to be problematic. So far, it was designed with users of VSCode in mind, not Blockly. We’d also need more than an article in a magazine. Maybe an entire “How to make a Pokitto game” series of youtube videos.


This was accidentally left out from the first issue so it could be in #2:

  • An article, probably about licensing and free culture concepts (@drummyfish )


According the poll people like interviews the most: [POLL] Pokitto Magazine #1: Your chance to influence its future!

Should we interview Brendon Slade from NXP? This is his comment about our great community:


I agree, interviews are interesting.
I also think a „production history“ could be nice


I want more advertising!


I want reviews!


That’s up to you guys to send things to advertise :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as the ads don’t take up too much of the page, aren’t animated, don’t have sound and don’t attempt to track your movements. :P


Depending on the kind of review and the time i could make one


It is up to you. You can select any game/app you want for the review.


I think i would write why pokitto games are awesome for „real“ gamers and easily can make as much fun as triple A titles and pick some of my favs…


Still just a few more and we have as much articles as in the first mag(!). Looking at the poll, these might be good to have also:

  • HW hacking articles
    • @spinal:You have many very nice HW projects. @Pharap: You have a nice entry level PEX project. Would one or the other like to write an article? Anybody else ?
  • Advanced level articles
    • Any suggestions of the subjects? We have a lot of advanced guys here, who can explain any subject with no problems :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to add Pokitto schematics part 2.


What would you consider a nice hardware project? I don’t know how many you’ve seen, but most of them end up not working or not in any way useful :stuck_out_tongue: