[Gamedisk]Ready-made SD Game Disk

Gamedisk v16 with new 1.02 Kraken loader (with themes!) by @bl_ackrain

Ready-made disk of Pokitto games and demos

#1. Make sure you have the latest loader

Flash this .bin to your device

start.bin (256 KB)

#2. Extract gamedisk contents to SD card

(remember, card in FAT32 format!)


NEW: get the latest mix from GITHUB REPOSITORY!!


Thank you, it is finally working and usable with a few game.
Now I feel that I can put that in the hands of a kid that just want to play.



I know.

That is why they were “earlybird units”


New update to v. 0.2



The text adventure is made by uXe

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Fixed! Thanks!

Added frogitto


I’m having problems with Sensitive and Frogitto on the new version of the game disk. When using the loader, they both freeze after the “success” message. If I flash them directly, Frogitto works, but Sensitive doesn’t seem to be able to load into the loader correctly. It seems to have an older version of the loader.

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odd. will check that

Forgive me, but I am new to this and quite confused.
I have the Pokitto plugged into the computer via provided USB and followed steps 1-3.
When I attempt step 4 (by dragging and dropping the created .zip to the Pokitto flash drive, it says “The item “pokitto_gamedisk_v02.zip” can’t be copied because there isn’t enough free space.”
I have poured over the forums, but can’t seem to figure out how to do ANYTHING other than turn this little guy on. Please help.


Just extract (open) the zip. The .bin files are inside. Those you can drag&drop on the Pokitto.

More tutorials coming! We will help you, dont worry.

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Exactly the same problems with the loader. Freezes after “success” for both Sensitive and Frogitto. They are also, by a large margin, the biggest rom images of the bunch.

I will check whats going on.

I remove Frogitto and Sensitive until I find out what is the problem.

At least in the case of Sensitive, the binary was 256kB which means it probably had the old PokittoLib (@spinal I’ll take a look at it also)

Pokitto gamedisk v0.3:


Polar.bin added (Polar Parcel by @trelemar)


I think sensitive should compile now with the new lib?

Please try. I will also add @Shdwwzrd Kooky Kookies and try to fix Pokitris to work with SD loader

Kooky Kookies - a fun puzzle game - by @Shdwwzrd added

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As my pokitto is on the way, i hope i am allowed to ask some questions meanwhile (to have everything ready to try out):
Do you put the whole zip package (because the instructions says „zipped“, then you always have included „all files“?) on the sd card as it is, or do you unzip it and put all bin files (including the loader file) to the sd card? Ore are the bin files zipped inside of the zip package also? (Sorry i am not sure if i got it right) and: Do you put the one file you put on the flashdrive on the sd card, too?
Sorry, maybe this is a stupid question, but without my pokitto and pc ready i am not sure if i understand the manual.

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