[Start]3.Download Games & Game Loader


Ready-made disk of Pokitto games.


  1. Download and extract zip package
  2. Put Pokitto in flash programming mode (shows as CRP_DISABLD flash drive)
  3. Delete “firmware.bin” on Pokitto flash drive
  4. Put any one of the .bin files inside .zip package to Pokitto flash drive

Attention: put only 1 of the .bin files on the Pokitto (the flash drive called CRP_DISABLD). This will install the SD loader into the memory. Put all of the unzipped .bin files on the SD card. Then you can swap games using the loader. In other words: do not try to put all of the binary files on the Pokitto at once, they will not fit!

  1. Copy all files of the extracted files from the .zip to a SD card
  2. Put SD card inside Pokitto
  3. Reset (or power off / power on)
  4. Press “C” to go to loader when prompted
  5. Follow instructions to install loader for the first time

Can't load any games
[Solved]No Loader Installed
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Pokitto Mac Loader App v1.0