[Gamedisk]Ready-made SD Game Disk

@Zockeromi : the way it works is that Pokitto has a small 256kB “flash” memory. Each game is simply a binary (=executable code) that is put into this flash memory and that runs when the device is turned on. There is no Operating System, nothing. It is just code running on bare metal.

What the SD loader does is that it swaps these.bin files to the memory from the SD card.

So the answer to your question is:

  • unzip the gamedisk, and put the .bin files & other files into the root of the SD card
  • Pokitto comes pre-installed with a .bin that can “call” the sd loader
  • when you press C to load another file, Pokitto jumps to address 0x39000 and executes the SD loader
  • when you select a file from the SD, the loader “overwrites” the memory up til 0x39000 with that binary and then resets the device

There is no such thing as “stupid questions” here. It’s a community policy.


Thank you, i think this explains it. I am eager to try it.

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I bet I’ve asked 1 or 2… Or will at some point.

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I finally got around to trying this.
I can confirm it does work,
though I did a few daft things that meant it wasn’t working for me at first.

At one point I was using a .bin from elsewhere that was outdated (i.e. didn’t have the loader) and I didn’t realise.

And secondly, I was trying to press C after the game had loaded thinking that it acted like the ‘home’ button on other consoles.
I’d like to stress that it doesn’t work like that, the C button only boots the loader if pressed on the screen that comes up before the headphone select screen and after the initial ‘Pokitto’ splash screen.
If you hit the headphone screen, you’ve gone too far.

I’ve added a screenshot taken from the simulator to the thread to illustrate this in an attempt to prevent other people repeating my mistake.

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Gamedisk v08 released:

  • 101Starships
  • Artillery
  • Armageddon with highscore save
  • Digger
  • Flappy Birdo
  • Lander
  • Pakman
  • Super Cratebuino
  • Mandelbrot demo

Wow, i have to try this as well as the gameboy emulator, too bad i don’t have much time atm…

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New release! Gamedisk v10 !! 100 games and demos !

Includes new v5 loader with speed updates, support for hundreds of games and automatic alphabetic sorting!

See first post on the thread


Wow, i have to try it (of course i have a lot of work just this weekend :roll_eyes:)

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@jonne ust setup our pokitto today. I deleted firmware.bin, renamed start.bin to firmware.bin, copied it to crp disabled. games from the zip are on my sd card, but most of them don’t work. Am I doing something wrong here? SD card is fat32. I do get the happy face cartoon and the letters show up properly when I press the coresponding key.

What happens when you try them?

It just goes back to the loader menu and says press c to go into the loader. So basically a reset

It’s supposed to reset. If you don’t press c, you should see the game you chose.

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It is a reset. Pokitto has 256kB of internal flash and everything runs on that tiny chip. When you press ‘c’ the chip jumps to a high memory area, reprograms everything below it. At the end of the programming, the loader simply pulls the reset lever to start from the beginning. I know that can be confusing but on a tiny device like this, there’s no space for an OS that would do it in a different way. This is bare metal and code :wink:


Ok, @jonne you said to flash the newest loader to my pokitto, so just plug it in put it into flash mode and load the start.bin and that is all?

Yes.Just remember you cant directly copy in Mac finder. You either need @adektos helper program or you can do this from a terminal that is opened in the directory that you have stored the start.bin

rm /Volumes/CRP\ DISABLD/*.*
cp start.bin /Volumes/CRP\ DISABLD/

I’ve been developing on a Mac past few days and I just keep a terminal window open. I use the same commands but I use mv (move) instead of cp (copy). In this way the bin gets deleted and saving a new bin is faster (because it does not ask about overwriting). I download the bin, I jump to the terminal window, tap up twice to get the rm command, then the mv command.

IMO its the fastest way.

I got it on the pokitto, but the menu is hard to use, it doesnt pause on each selection but zips through

I’m having the same problem here. The framerate is too high!


Gamedisk v11 added

This is a temporary release, next release will have the new loader by @Fmanga

This disk contains:

and Ball-bust by @Xhaku !


That would be great! We should reserve something like a week ( or less) for people to make pop-executables of each game.