Your Pokitto - Show it to the World!


Going to be completely honest here.

I have asked in 24th December for Daniel to ship yours, and in 27th March again:

“THESE NEED to be SHIPPED immediately if possible:
398 1029677571 Fernando Massaki Hagihara fmhagihara@… BR $6.00 Fully assembled and ready to use Pokitto $54.00 5892733 $60.00 2017/05/16, 19:03 collected 2017/08/21, …”

Now, I am sorry to say this but Daniel is at times struggling to get things done - too much work. And it is difficult to follow where he is at each moment.

So, @Fmhagihara, I will get to the bottom of this and am shipping you one more tomorrow, directly from Finland, to make sure you get one. Lets see if it goes through or not. We have had several Pokittos going missing while on transit to South America.


@Fmhagihara Your Pokitto was shipped today, direct from Finland express & tracking. I will send you the number.

It is possible Daniel has also sent you one, but since I got no reply from him, I sent you one to make sure.


OK, Sorry for being sarcastic. I was upset and in a bad mood.
Thank you for your reply.


Don’t worry! It’s good that we have this thing finally corrected (and I hope the package gets to you!).


My Pokitto came today and works fine on initial tests. I’ll start tinkering in a few months but need to brush up on my skills first.

the case shown works ok (wide enough, a little tall, well padded, fits accessories) and is the previously mentioned Case Logic brand (; the cheap leather case is too narrow for the ‘arms’ to fit.


@jonne, Thank you for sending me my Pokitto!

My eldest son is very excited too!


The pencil evolved into a Pokitto!


Little delay.I was working hard last months.But today I listened to poor little Pokitto. He was crying in His box alone for so long… So I build Him , take tears from His eyes with my fingers and introduced my best friends to Him…

My Bikeitto (My Pokitto colors themed trial bike):

Pokitto talking to Ataritto (Atari 800XE):

Pokitto talking to Falconitto (Falcon 030):

And my Cyanitto is smiling now :D.


Also Pokitto meets Arduboy and uGame…


Hello Pokitto family!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got mine but the weather here in the UK has been so hot I’ve not had much of a chance to sit down and code anything. But I’ve had a lot of fun playing with the sample games and have some ideas about projects I want to create so I’m going to start in earnest now!

Here’s the little nipper:


Glad to see another person who can sympathise with my troubles.
My room has been stuck between 28 and 32 degrees for the past week or two.

By the way, your Pokitto’s PEX seems to be sticking out a bit for some reason.


There is about 1 mm of clearance (play) in the board attachment screws. The board is simply now sitting in extreme top position. Loosen screws a bit and push board downwards slightly (if it bothers), no big deal.

And @WeeblBull, welcome to the family!


Hah, my two clear Pokitto drones and one classic green heartbreaker :heart_eyes::joystick::space_invader::mushroom:


nice axe. and amp


It arrived! Wasnt so sure about the color but it looks quite sexy in person. Very exciting to be able to test the feel of my game on the actual hardware.


Grats :slight_smile: :+1:


Finally! :slight_smile: I didn’t realize this color combo could look so good.


All of these amazing pictures and combinations. Really makes me want to start playing with the headers on my Pokitto :thinking: but what to build…

My pokitto is ready with his friends! But what to build :thinking:


What game is that?