[Game]Ball Bust

Hey Im releasing my game Ball Bust.
In the game you try to kick a ball towards your enemies while dodging them to get the highest score.
Its not 100% finished as i still need to wrap my head around sound and imlement some cool sound effects and maybe music.


Feedback more than welcome


Nice! somehow it reminds me of Bomb Jack. I will try it today later.

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I was thinking of lethal league

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Fun little game, well done!

I will try to find time to explain the sound stuff to you this weekend. Its not all that difficult, but you have to use the ADSR volume envelope to control the effects.

Meanwhile, the Batcomputer was juggling between whether to give you the 1st level Game Maker or 2nd Level Game Publisher badge.

The computer said the level of polish to gameplay was excellent. I agree after playing the game a bit. Hard game though.

So congratulations to Hans, you have gained the rank of Game Publisher!

gamepublisher @Xhaku


Thanks im glad you enjoyed it :grin: . I myself am not completely happy with the difficulty. The problem was that because of the small room its not that hard to hit the ball so i wanted the player to struggle a bit with dodging the enemies although i fear that that made the game a litte on the frustrating side.
this is also why i made it possible to gain health when you kill one of the bigger enemies so the player isnt punished too much if he slips up and gets hit

That is quite nice game. It even has a starting screen which is not common :slight_smile: Controls are bit hard as there is so little space on the game field. If the ball stays in the middle, you cannot get it without hitting the enemies. There could be instructions also.

Ps. The game is fast, not like the video :wink:


Actually only got to try this now… very addictive! Awesome game. Also the graphics is lovely – it may seem simple, but it’s aesthetic nevertheless.