Your Pokitto - Show it to the World!


My pokitto. :]


Is that orange front, white back, black buttons?


@jonne I’d like to see a metallic front/back in the future. That’d be sweet!


Metallic as in made of metal or metallic as in a special/shiny finish on the plastic?


I was thinking a shiny finish on the plastic, but I’m actually pretty fond of the clear front. I wonder what a wood cover like the Gamebuino would like like on a Pokitto.


Are we able to get a black back cover?


As far as I’m aware only the colours listed on the site are available.

@jonne might know differently though.

Special covers might be a good prize for a game jam.

Ordinarily they’d probably be more costly because the price of producing parts is inversely proportional to the number you want to make, i.e. the more parts you want to produce, the cheaper it is to produce them. If everyone wanted metallic covers then it might be plausible, but the main issue is guaranteeing the interest.

(Plus I think any kind of extra finish is probably going to cost slightly more anyway - materials, extra time, shipping laws (possibly).)


Grab a can of chrome spray paint and DIY.


I have 5-6 pcs of black backs from prototype run still


I’ll see if I can get the factory to order a sample batch of metallic raw material. No guarantee.


That’d be sweet. I’m going Pokitto over Gamebuino now. Even though you can’t guarantee anything. You guys are excellent listeners, and it’s cheaper.


By “no guarantee” I mean I can not guarantee I can get the metallic pigment. Each pigment costs 1500$ per batch. I managed to get (negociate) sample pigments for the Kickstarter units from the color manufacturer. If they are willing to make some more for us, I do not know.

As for availability of Pokittos, things are moving. Watch this space, news soon.


Without meaning to derail the thread, are you the same Beau Smith that I mentioned the Pokitto to on the Arduboy forums?


Yeah that’s me. I’d never heard of the Pokitto before that. Seems like an awesome little device. I can’t wait to get one.


I genuinely wasn’t intending to sway you towards an option you hadn’t considered, but I’m glad I mentioned it because I’m sure you’ll be happy with your Pokitto when the shop’s ready.

If you’re too anxious to wait, there’s a Pokitto Simulator available (and topics about it can be found here).

It’s not perfect because of CPU speed differences and obviously you can’t do any PEX stuff on it, but it’ll at least get you used to the library and you’ll be able to try out some of the open source games.

(Anyway, won’t derail this thread anymore than I already have done.)


If you ever get a chance to snap some pictures, thatd be sweet. I know metallic front with black back would be sick! I could always DIY too.


Hey man, did you ever get a pouch for your Pokitto?


No, I wasn’t planning to. My post was just an suggestion for others who may be looking.


Iv got some carry case options on the way; when they arrive (and my Pokitto) ill let pepole know how they work out;
the measurements are random from different sources so just went for it, might end up with a Russian nesting doll (matryoshka) effect :slight_smile: .

Digital camera cases (the cheap £45 kind of beginner camera) seem to be very close but a little long, the first one here seems a reasonable cheap buy. Dictaphone cases and sport radio cases seem cool too and you can go back to the 80s with a groovy belt clip :stuck_out_tongue:


I was very excited to show my Pokitto to all you guys from this community.
There it is!!!

What? Can’t you see it? It is right in front of the pencil, next to the coffee mug.

Well, I could say that is has a transparent case, with transparent buttons, but not.

The fact is that I still have not received mine.