Roguelike port?


i hope you will join us for the “sequel” bigger depths of depth
with that more colors stuff and better ai and a inventory that works XD

im not super sold on columns and coffins but i geus its fine for the cga jam entery name
c&c reminds me of caves and caverns XD


This is taking longer than I anticipated.

Let me know if I should finish it. Is it any good?

There will be the name in the banner (the banner will be longer), beneath a door with light showing PC character entering the dungeon and column and coffin nearby.

I will have a quick lunch and continue.


Yah, I am really bias to "pocket Death & Taxes a pokitto rguelike " but columns and coffins is ok for jam I guess :stuck_out_tongue:



and it is f#ing awesome

Updating git soon


We have music everybody !!

(in windows)

Linux library update coming up in 10 minutes


@VonBednar I like this, if you have time to complete it on time.


Yeah, I should. I have decided to copy and paste bits to speed it up (I wanted to go for a more hand made feel, but hey, we only have few h).


@vonbednar I am expecting something like:

But no pressure !! :grinning:


probely not good but trying to help XD


That is excellent!!!


HAHA, maybe for the full version…

I mean…
… sure I can make this in just few hours… :wink:

…but, we don’t have enough colors :smiley:

BTW, do you have a pixel perfect graphic of the pixelart pokitto logo? I can add it kinda like the elite logo in the G&G screen :slight_smile:


Looking good, love the dither!

Mind if I steal from it?


you have to ask?
pillage and plunder my friend


what you mean, the pokitto logo is in the library you can call it at will i think


How big is it? Do we know?

If it is no larger than 50px high, I can make it fit in the title scren. If it is larger, I can scale it down probably, hence a .png or something would help.



This is the one also included in the library. It is the smallest version I have made

I don’t think its necessary to have the pokitto logo in the game opening screen


yea true its already there on startup


Did anyone run yet with music ? Its all there in adektos Github. Just popping over to my 'buntu to put the linux lib in place


@adekto’s stuff fits perfectly!

I will beef up the character to make him more similar to the in-game sprite.

@adekto, if you want to add a white skeleton facing the character, kinda where the skull is it would be awesome!

BTW- the pokitto logo won’t go on the screen, yeah it is kinda redundant. Can we change the startup logo to cyan tho?