Python Game Jam #1 final results!

Pokitto Python Game Jam

Read me first, please!

Judging the entries was very hard for us (Batcomputer, @Hanski and myself) because the entries were all good in different ways.

All I can say is thank you to everyone for the fantastic compo and I hope to launch a new compo as soon as possible!

It was a competition but the main thing is that everyone had lot’s of fun.

Best game overall


Legend of Lanea by @dir3kt

Decision by community votes

Runner-up: Jetpack by @bl_ackrain

Hardest effort

TorsGameGallery by @torbuntu

mechaNarwhal ast

Decision: lots of work put into not one, but 3 minigames

Runner-up: VOCFI by @ServalKatze

Pushing the envelope / Best idea

split decision!

ScummPy Quest by @jpfli



[GAME]Noggin! by @spinal


Decision: split decision.

We could not come up with a reason to choose one over the other. ScummPy is a fantastic effort that shows a genre of games never seen on Pokitto before. Noggin is a deep and polished logic game that we have never come across before.


Best game overall and best effort will get Pokitto + Pokitto T-shirt

Best idea prize will be split between @jpfli and @spinal. They both get Pokitto T-Shirts or Pokitto Mugs according to their wish

Thank You and Good Night!

Jonne, @Hanski and the Batcomputer


Congratułations to all participants. Bat computer as always made the best choice.


Congratulations everyone! Hopefully we will have even more people take part next time!


As my role was to try, play and enjoy a bunch of new great games i had lots of fun for sure and admire the great work that everybody did.


I still feel overwhelmed of the number of entries and the talent and effort people put into them :smiley: I really loved the energy and enthusiasm there was towards Pokitto and Python during the competition. Well done everyone!


if someone wants to propose a new Pokitto jam theme/volunteer as judge, I’m open to ideas


Would a tool/utility-jam be fun?
Basically a jam for making applications that aren’t necessarily games. Like a calculator or the likes. I think this could be a fun jam idea for bringing more visibility into the current pokittolib capabilities and helping to expand that use. Maybe :thinking:

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Not too soon, I’ve got other stuff to get through first.

Although getting that art jam off the todo list would be good.
Then we can finally finish the Pok15 puzzle game.


I like the sound of a tool-jam. That could be really interesting. But yeah, a little time should pass first.

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Another idea: idle-jam. Make something that you can run on a plugged-in Pokitto and never turn it off. Tamagochis, cookie-clickers, alarm clocks, soil humidity monitors (hehehe), desktop PC companions (stream news to it over serial?).


Oh yes!! I still have tamagochi-esque ideas for my Pokitto >_<

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Congratulations to everyone! :partying_face:

About themes: Something like “space”, “underwater” or “educational” might get interesting results.

But a little break to finish your own entry and/or catch up on other things would be good, yes. :smiley:


I’d like to hear some of the sound capabilities.
So what about “make Pokitto sing” jam? :notes::notes::notes:

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How about Demake Jam?
The rules:
Demake jam have to be inspired on a game and not use registered names/marks. For example if you want to do a demake about Resident Evil, you can call it “Devil Resident” for example. The same for character names. If you are doing a Street Fighter demake you call character as: Rio, Kan, Mr.Bishop or whatever. Also there is no need to do a complete demake, just a level of the original game or enought to get some fun.


This also looks like an interesting idea: “A Game By Its Cover”

You have to create a game inspired by a fictional game case here:


I really like the demake idea!