[Game]Legend of Lanea




Legend of Lanea is a Zeldaesque adventure for the Pokitto! It has been created 100% online with the amazing Python editor for the 2019 compo

lanea.bin (190.9 KB)


  • Directional stick: move
  • A: interact/attack
  • C: start game, pause

Using the online tool it should be pretty easy to make you own maps/worlds (check data.py). The source code is available on GitHub here. Feel free to hack, contribute or create new stories (yes you can also edit the texts).

The game use the Tiny 16 open assets from Lanea Zimmerman. Has you might guess the name of the game is an homage to her. Her assets are of very good quality, easy to use and a pleasure to work with. I always respect people doing such great work for the community. In order to follow the open spirit, Legend of Lanea is licensed under the Unlicense which basically permits anything with the code.

Python Game Jam #1 final results!
[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!

I am so pumped to try this out!!


“Someone’s out of time” teehee~


I I were not in bed I’d download it now and put it on my pokitto. Tomorrow. Very yes.


Updated the GitHub page with some information about how to edit a world. As I want to improve/extend the game I created a release (1.0.0) on GitHub so that the compo version will always be available.

One thing I would like to add is an action for the B button. This would be an item you collect later in the game. I was thinking of either:

  1. A shield that can be used to block attacks
  2. A spell/item that allows the player to shoot

I wonder what you would prefer guys and gals?


IDK about the B button but

  1. treasures hidden in bushes would be awesome
  2. ditto for secret passages


Is there any further discussion on player movement speed? Or is that an optimization in the working already?



  1. It is something I though about. Having drops on bushes and enemies will push the player to kill more of thoses which is nice. Plus collecting loot is always nice. However on the other side it will make the game more tedious. If I get something from bushes/enemies, then I want to clear them all, which might feel like a farm. Still something that I consider, but at a later stage maybe.

  2. There are already few ‘secret’ places. You can have as much as 6 hearts. But yeah I would like to make more secret area :slight_smile:


Player movement speed is something that needs to be discussed. I’m against having different speed for different section of the game. I think the movement speed should always be the same. I do feel the game is fast enough, at least for me. This might be due to personal taste so I understand if other feel it’s too slow. Maybe this is because the maps are not interesting enough? There should be more elements, more things to do along the way?

I would love to ear what other players think about movement speed?

Currently the game runs at 33 FPS and I think it will be difficult to go past this (dungeon is lagging ~29FPS). I could try to make the player move by 2px per frame. This migh be too fast but still worth trying.


I hadn’t much time for a in depth testing yet, but for me the speed feels right


Beautiful game, moves a little slow, and I’d suggest a swinging sword rather than the thrusting blade


Very nice, I played it all of the way through. Very nice art and gameplay style. I usually don’t play RGP style games, but this was nice. It reminded me a lot of the zelda games.
I really hope that this turns into a full game.


Thanks all for the feedback!

After following some optimization advice by from @Hanski I managed to increase the game framerate’s which makes the player moves faster. Still not pushed to the repo though.

Kind of though about it, to have the ‘swing’ fx and a wider hitbox for the attack. It’s on the TODO list, but at the bottom…

Spend some time thinking about it. After optimizing the code I gained enough RAM to feel comfortable finishing it with PyInSky which is nice. The game is not too far from being finished, most remaining work is adding more enemies and a few maps. Maybe a 2nd item for the B button (fireball scroll???)

I will be on holiday next week :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: so Lanea will take a small break.


After your holiday I hope to have music streaming from SD working in MP, so you are able to add soundtrack to the game also :wink:


Truly amazing :slight_smile: I just noticed that Tiny 16 assets are CC-BY-SA licensed, so you have to keep the sprites under the same license and credit the author in readme. You can leave the rest of the game Unlicensed of course (CC0 is better and more recommended than Unlicense).

EDIT: Sorry, it’s just CC-BY and you actually give credit in the source code, it’s okay then!

Gonna give this game a try right now.


Hey, I gave credit in the title too: Tiny16 sprites are made by Lanea :stuck_out_tongue: