[Game]ScummPy Quest I



A demo puzzle showing the features of ScummPy, a SCUMM inspired point-and-click adventure game framework. It was made using the Online Python Editor for the spring 2019 competition. The framework is still under development and I intend to add more features in the future.


Source: scummpy.zip
Binary: scummpy.bin

Python Game Jam #1 final results!

It looks really amazing i would love to see a big boxed version :wink:


You mean something like this :wink:


rrrright - that’s what i meant


crazy thing is, a printed cardboard box is probably the most expensive part of that idea these days.


Yes, who would have foreseen that…


Looks good!


Nice game, just finished it, took me 3 hours. Well worth it.


You are kidding right?


Yes, I wanted to make people think it was longer.