Pokitto Magazine (!)


This is a great resource :smiley: makes me wonder, a little off track, but have you ever read the PICO-8 zines? The fan magazines for pico-8? I think something like that for Pokitto would be amazing :smiley: plus Jonne did mention in discord something about a book. Maybe a magazine would be easier to start with?

Retro Magazine: a retro gaming and programming magazine

The Arduboy used to have one of those (archived here).
It perished because they couldn’t get enough content into it each month despite the number of people creating new games.


I have a feeling it wasn’t just the lack of content, but more the lack of contributors and individuals to maintain it.

Most of us can barely find time to actually work on games. I can see why it’s hard to have time to work on a magazine. Even though I lived the idea on the Arduboy.


The community wouldn’t have to commit to a monthly release or anything. Simply a release when content reached capacity. Be it only a single magazine or a magazine once a year even. Having anything could be fun in my mind. Pokitto community has plenty of talent for such things. And if it is an e publication than even releasing a small 5 to 10 page release could be enough to spark ideas and interest in new projects. It could also contain stuff like the wiki and tutorial sections of the forum. Or even just news from the community about wip projects and such.


Even a one-timer could be fun! “Pokitto User”, “Pokitto Magazine”? I could contribute an article if someone volunteers to be the editor :slight_smile:


I’ve never been an editor before, but if nobody else would like to volunteer then I’ll do my best attempt to make the magazine happen :slight_smile:

I like the sound of “Pokitto User” and “Pokitto Magazine” ;D


That’s great! It would be a fun project :slight_smile:


Some possible articles I was thinking of for a first run:

Community submissions:

  1. Share your Pokitto story. Why you chose Pokitto and a possible photo of your sweet custom color selections.

  2. First Pokitto program and tools to make it.

  3. Tips and Tricks from the pros. A collection of code snippets or guides from the members of the community.


  1. How to get started in Pokitto (set up and basic tutorial)

  2. Hello, team C++! A first program on the Pokitto (cpp)

  3. Hello, team Python! A first program on Pokitto using micro python.

  4. Get to know the Pokitto in depth. A layout of hardware and physical features.


The possibilities are out there! This could be an awesome project.


Pokitto Heads! (And other hardware projects)


Pokitto Robot Car :wink:



Porting games from system X to Pokitto (C++ or Python). This can be e.g. a tutorial, or just a report of most common problems.


Hat experiments…


Wow! So a speaker, a joystick, a joystick with buttons and rumble. What are the remaining two experiments?


the grey one is just rumble, from an N64 rumble pack, the joystick is actually just a variable resistor, to be used with a pong type game, although the min/max position is only within about 90 degrees, leaving 90 degrees either side being wasted. the one with the white bit is a Wii controller adaptor.


Seems to me like there is definitely material for a great first issue! :smiley:

One thing I realized that would make this great is the visual design. My design skills are sorrowfully lacking, so I wonder if anyone of the fantastic artists in this community would like to propose some artwork :D?


So maybe splitting by category would make more sense.
In no particular order

  1. Software (pokitto related software projects like games or programs, tools used for making them, tutorials)
  2. Hardware (pokitto hardware projects like hats and cases and such. Tutorials for hardware)
  3. Art and design (game art, program art, custom designs foe hardware etc…)
  4. Projects (by submissions?)
  5. Highlights (community events, new/coming games or programs or hardware)
  6. Other (various things in the world of diy tech)


Anybody has talent to make a Pokitto comic strip for the magazine? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Marvel superhero style :rofl:


How about one featuring a little girl that rides on a giant python, a caffeine addict and an old man? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, please! :stuck_out_tongue:


And maybe jokes too!
Here is one: Why C++ coders need glasses?
Because they cannot see sharp :nerd_face: