Pokitto Magazine (!)


Comics and jokes most definitely belong :smiley:


Slanderous lies, I can program in both C++ and C#. :P
(Though I probably do need glasses.)


:slight_smile: with jokes like that, this comes in mind…


I almost forgot…


A game developer interview.


@torbuntu How about making a questionnaire about who are willing to contribute (and what) for the magazine? Not any binding promise, but just “maybe”.


I’d love to contribute in some way, but I have no idea what I have to offer :expressionless:


I think you have a lot of interesting projects to share:

  • Potentiometer hat
  • Speaker hat
  • N64 rumble hat
  • “My first Python game ever”

Those come to mind even without searching in the forum or twitter. I am sure I could find a lot more :wink:
Just pick one (or many).


This is a great idea! I’ll post it in the Community topic when I get a chance to be on my computer. Going to be mobile for the better part of the day.

Edit: I had a quick few minutes before heading out to post a quick topic. If it needs edits just let me know :slight_smile:


How hard would it be to make pokitto a simple thermal printer/camera hat combo?

The printer would need to have its own battery but I’m sure a simple camera could be put in a hat with a shutter and a few effects with output to thermal paper in greyscale.


@torbuntu How is this going?


Sorry, going slowly. Was mother’s day weekend and wife’s birthday this week. Also getting distracted with projects. Will hopefully be able to get a template together for final approval before next weekend.


Oops… Oh wait, ours was months ago. Never mind.

Fun fact:
Anna Jarvis hated the commercialisation of Mother’s Day and ended up regretting that she’d proposed it.


I was asking @torbuntu how we should publish the magazine

Anyone with any ideas of how we will do it in practise?


If there’s plans for it to be ongoing, just format it as a PDF at a standard paper size for people who might want to print it and just set up a page on the site here for downloads.


LaTeX and PostScript come to mind for actually generating the content.

I think it would be best off hosted on a different part of the website to the forum,
but it depends how tricky that is to do.
(I believe both can output .pdf.)

The Arduboy magazine just used issuu for hosting and distributed as .pdf.

Foolscap? :P

Seriously though, I await the day when there’s a paper standard that uses nice round numbers.
Either powers of 10 or powers of 2. (Currently the ISO B series is the closest.)


No idea of the costs involved, but:
Printed as a little Pokitto-sized book, like software-manuals of old, sold in the store as merch? Especially if you bundle pokittos-hats-mug-manual together into a pack.


That’s going to be hard to read if the articles are long.

Though I think that would be a good format for an Arduboy game catalogue.


Didn’t hitler get behind Mother’s Day as well? If there was a reason to not like it, lol


How about something more like the old nes manuals?