[Wiki] The Pokitto Robot Car, Part 1

In this course you will learn to build an autonomous robot car, and also learn how to use Pokitto and Python to control it!

The target audience for this course are people with little or no knowledge about electronics and programming, from kids to grown-ups.

Here is the part 1 as a PDF document (English):
Pokitto Robot Car.pdf (430.5 KB)

Here is the part 1 as a Google Slides document (English):

Here is the part 1 as a Google Slides document (Finnish):

I have re-used the “CamJamEdukit #3” robot car parts (by Cambridge Raspberry Jam, camjam.me) which were originally made for Raspberry Pi:

Here is the rom image with Python REPL(read-eval-print loop) and USB serial port communication enabled. Note: that currently the latter means that Pokitto must be connected via USB to PC all the time. Otherwise it will freeze.
pythonex_repl.bin (189.9 KB)


Can’t wait for part two, great work! Added a picture on the post from your PDF, I hope its OK.