Free game idea

Pokitto Trail, you are a little pokitto and you have to make your way from @jonne to a city, in the vein of Oregon trail.


I started trying to make one of those for the Arduboy before losing motivation.
It’s actually surprisingly hard.
It’s the kind of game that you really need a scripting language for because the content is so varied.

One minute you’re in a shop menu, the next you’re making decisions about how to cross a river, and then you’re out doing a hunting minigame.

There’s weather conditions, disease, random events.
In some ways it’s just as complex as something like Morrowind.

I don’t mean this to sound completely negative, if someone thinks they can pull it off then by all means please give it a go, but I do feel the need to point out that having simple graphics and being from an early gaming era doesn’t necessarily mean a game is easier to write or less complex.

Then lets try Bandersnatch :smile:

You want to port Charles Dodgson’s poem?

Or a game that reinacts the events therein?

More like the game in this :

But it was a joke, since even in the movie it was a big mess and people went mad trying to understand it all.

Ironically that would probably be marginally easier since the narrative is pretty much just a binary tree of animated scenes.
In fact it’s probably simpler than a number of notable visual novels.
The real constraint would be the memory needed for the animation (and sound).

That said, I skimmed through the plot and I’m certainly not a fan of it.
I get the impression it’s overly pretentious and trying too hard to be deep and meaningful.

You’d be better off trying to find some choose your own adventure novels in the public domain, or just writing your own

Incidentally I started writing a visual novel engine a while back but gave up on it:

I may resurrect it some day.
If I ever do then I’ll probably port it to Pokitto,
but I’d need to have some luck with the SD card API first.
Every time I’ve attempted to use the SD card API in the past I’ve had issues.

P.S. The thing about the Madras study unveiling how to packet-sniff people’s decisions is both amusing and concerning.

Disease is easy, everyone gets dysentery, all the time.

Pokitto Kong jonne’s personal pokitto gets mad at him and kidnaps his (insert preferred loved one here) and he has to go climb a building to save them.

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Personally I’d be more motivated to save a cat or a bowl of pasta. :P

That one’s definitely doable, I know few people who have made something similar before.
(Who replaced the ‘loved one’ with a bowl of pasta at my request. :P)


Mmmm … pasta.


perhaps Pokitto Kong sends kittens after you ?

How about a Pokitto kraken instead?

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Three mile island

You have a reactor control screen you have to regulate the reactor to keep it form going Chernobyl by regulating the cooling or the reactor to produce power to keep up with the demand. Hot reactor more power more likely to meltdown cold reactor less power but if it gets too cold it goes offline for 10-30 seconds to reset but you lose kWh points and anger power subscribers.


So I made this,

And though fun and currently troublesome (two of the columns of leds won’t work with the sketch I’m using and I’ve tested it with my multimeter and it seems functional) I was thinking of it were possible to make some sort of game that used pokitto as the input device and played on the screen and used an array of leds for some function like the play field say a space invaders like game or one of those old handheld football games.


One of the ideas I suggested a while back was to have a hat with a bar of LEDs that could have their individual colours changed.
This could be used as a health bar or a life counter.

See Idea #4: