Extended Controls Gamepad Hat


Just a stupid idea I thought of. Rotate the Pokitto 90 degrees, put this hat on and get more buttons for input.

Pokitto JoyHat
Hat Ideas

neat, this isn’t even that hard to make


That’s not a stupid idea. thats a great idea.


Some games (like Tetris) can easily playable with this. I like this idea :slight_smile:


Pure genius! Sign me up!


You misspelled stupid…the correct spelling here would have been A-W-E-S-O-M-E


I don’t have the facilities to make this yet, but I really want to put one of these in my PEX tutorial.
I hope my tiny breadboard has room. I might have to get myself a joystick and a larger breadboard.

Dunno about the speaker, might have to cut that out.


Wow!! This is awesome!!!


i could probably do the hardware but programming…not a clue


The programming will depend on how complex the hardware is.
Button state should be a simple digital pin read.
The slider thingy would probably be 2-axis analogue input like a joystick normally is.
No idea about the speaker (sound is the one thing I’m completely clueless about :P).


This would be epic. I love it!


But the first thing I think: changing buttons.
when I quickly pressed up down left right, these switch buttons often stop work suddenly . Maybe all using rubber buttons is a good idea.
And it’s very cheap!!!




Thanks Rakkachi


no prob, i was looking to place something like these :


They are used in a mouse so very strong and detects 100 % of the clicks (according to internet, so then its true)


i got some of these laying around, but i think that kills the portability a little bit


lol, i have the same in my Sega MegaTech but i dont think they will fit :smile: