[Wip] Malice in Bomberland


I am going to make a bomberman like game for Pokitto. Something like this:

Any ideas for the name of the game ? :grinning:


I love Bomberman. It is one, if not the, most played games at our house.

If any gfx / soundfx / coding is needed I am in the team


Just a silly name idea I was thinking of:

  • Xplody Dude




Man this is screaming multiplayer!! Good luck on this new project!

How about swapping bombs for dynomite sticks?

Couple name’s suggestions:
TNT World


:joy: oh my gosh. That would be hilarious. And potentially help it gain visibility.




Pow!Kitty … With theme to match

Would differentiate from Bomberman. Kittens placing bombs


Thanks! Help is certainly needed! I will soon release a video of the engine with placeholder graphics.


A nice idea!

That remainds me of :
image image


If you want a graphic style that doesn’t infringe on copyright you can copy the style of my Bomberman clone (OGA), or even use the graphics directly if you can scale it down somehow.

Name maybe Nuke Dude.


Did you make that gfx? :open_mouth:

Edit: you added OGA link

Impressive pixel work. I didn’t know you can art as well


Here is the current state of the game with the placeholder graphics (from Pokemon :wink: ).

There is just the tilemap and the player, no collisions etc. yet.



Looks very nice :slight_smile:
For my game I was thinking about a bit different graphics style, like Pokemon above.


Assuming Valve hasn’t copyrighted it, Demoman.
(Demo is short for ‘demolition’.)

Or maybe Bombardier.
(Though technically that has nothing to do with bombs.)


Let’s vote for the name suggestions so far :slight_smile: You can select 1 to 3 best suggestions.

  • Xplody Dude
  • OkBomber
  • DynoBlast
  • BoomPow!
  • TNT World
  • Pow!Kitty (Kittens placing bombs)
  • Nuke Dude
  • Demoman
  • Bombardier

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Technically it should be “DynaBlast” becuase it’s dynamite, not dynomite.


No wonder the name was familiar


That’s why I proposed Dyn’o’Blaster
I like BoomBox too :stuck_out_tongue:





Looking great!! Happy to see that you are on the graphics! :smiley: