[Wiki]5.Pokitto Screen Modes

That makes sense.

We should add a field to each screen mode indicating a game/demo/example where its used. This would be useful when deciding what should be deprecated, what should be optimized, and what a good test case is.

I suspect the Gameboy screen mode can be safely removed.


There was also some kind of slow phospor mode or something like that but I can’t check the details for the moment…

edit I was refering to this:

I do not know if this was eventually added to pokittolib as screen mode…

No, that was just a hack :slight_smile:

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too bad, I liked the idea! :slight_smile:

It is only a couple of code lines, so you can do it easily.

I think it’s done by not clearing the screen buffer,
and instead ‘weakening’ the screen buffer before drawing.

I.e. having a palette full of different shades of a specific colour and then decrementing every non-zero palette index in the screen buffer before drawing new ones.

I can only assume though, because there’s no source code, just a .bin file:

I’ve removed the non-working modes and I am going to clean them out eventually. These are the modes that should actually be used.


Does removing the [Draft] part in the title of the wikis mean that they’re now official or just that it’s no longer the policy to put [Draft] in the title and that having them in the ‘wiki drafts’ category is enough?

That is very clear now!


We could really do with some statistics on the speed of some of these graphics modes.

If someone wants to stress test them and document the tests used, that would be much appreciated.


I agree. Copying from the framebuffer to the LCD is roughly the same speed (Mode64 being the fastest, iirc), but the speed of writing to each buffer should vary a lot. It would be useful to have a series of tests for specific functions like drawBitmapData, print, drawRect, etc.


has anyone used these modes?

MODE_GAMEBOY //outside of gameboy port

Is anyone else having issues with hi-res modes not working?


In hardware also?

mode 15 seems to work OK on hardware, but mode 1 appears low-res on both.

Have you got some demo code?

I tried using TASMODE for a normal game as I wanted 220x176, 256 colour. The transparency did not seem to work but did when I reverted to Mode13.

Does TASMODE support transparency or am I just doing it wrong (my first assumption)?

Transparency only work with colour index 0, this is done for speed I believe.

Oh OK … thanks, I had my transparency set as 255. Will have to change my palette up a bit as zero is black and I think I will need that!

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So … after a lot of trying, I cannot figure TASMODE out when using it as a simple 256colour 220x176. Things do not render correctly (things on the left hand side of the screen simply do not render at all!).

Is there a ‘standard’ 256 colour 220x176 mode?