Which IDEs are supported?


is it possible to use every IDE which supports C++ or are there any restrictions? Currently I’m using XCode for MacOS. Is it possible to use this IDE to write programs for Pokitto?

Thanks in advance!

Currently the only IDEs that work are the mbed online IDE (which requires an mbed account) and EmBitz (a fork of Code::Blocks which only works on Windows).

The simulator runs in Code::Blocks but could probably be made to work on other IDEs.

There’s a thread documenting the ongoing attempts at providing PlatformIO support, which should in turn facilitate other IDEs:


I have it compiling already. There’s a linker error with _sbrk which I will still eliminate. Its very close to working


#Sorry Platformio. Contest is over.

LPCXpresso IDE is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Why should we struggle when there is a free industrial-grade IDE with full debugging support on all OS’s available?

If I can’t get the platformio thingy running within a couple of days its game, set and match.

EDIT: now downloading for my mac. If this thingy works out of the box (with jlink hw debugging) then I’m done.


to be honest im not a fan of how the hole thing works
but i dont know of any other cross platform offline systems

we could try to do our own toolchain thing from scratch maybe idk

dident that have like realy wierd licencing, i think i had to make an acount for it aswell :S

a bit much information for just an IDE

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I can imagine the marketing types insisting on this crap :wink:

Edit: no, I got nothing against marketing per se.

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i dont have a full company name, job description or work phone…

Asking for that much info, they will either get lied to or not be used.
If they also require two factor authentication that’s me out straight away.

Fortunately not

Which is why I suspect the idea is coming from the blunt end of the organization

the download also has a agreement for watever (not going to read this legal junk)

yes but you get full license even for production use. thats not a bad deal

@jonne what would it take to asssable a custom toolchain/compiler?

Mostly UI. mbed-cli (command line interface) could be used as basis

but for me it comes down to the hardware debugging. that is so important for me to be able to help you all

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on user end its not really needed though :confused:

True. But if I want to catch why for example Pokitbeasts is hanging, it helps tremendously to see for example the stack history. 99% of errors are memory violations

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im already stuck in LPCXpresso theres so much stuff going on to setup a project

I’m trying it also. Lets see what is the best way in

Ecclipse sucks for beginners because it has the second-worst UI I have seen. (Blender wins)

How dare you.

(i realy kinda love blender’s ui)

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