When will we be able to buy a Pokitto?


Is there any update on the retail website or continued production? I am looking forward to writing programs for this device and it’s great to see all the activity here.


EDIT EDIT :stuck_out_tongue: : I see, there´s everything I need: A shop! 2 questions:

  • Why are there only ClrGreen, ClrOrange and Black in the shop? (It seems ClrOrange isn´t working)
  • Whats that for an account? Is it the Pokitto.Talk account?


yes, whole backend has been changed, shop will be up soon!


i see the purchase page is visible - its not supposed to be yet :wink:

patience, we need to feed the product data and color combonations into the system


Also noch ein bischen warten und dan loss!


Ja! Ein par tage und dan sind wir fertig!


@epicdude312 Alot of others including my self are looking for to a tutorial like this. I got ideas for apps and games just dont know where to start.


Cant wait to get my hands on 2 or 3 of them


@jonne Whats up with the shop now? Any news?
Don´t hurry, I can wait (the others hopefully too).


No, just been busy with things.


Do you think that there will be units available to buy in time for Christmas?


Yes there will


Cool cannot wait.


Any idea when the online shop will go live? I’m still hoping to order one before Christmas


Believe me, I have the same goal. Daniel is shipping one more lot tomorrow that should be enough to fulfill all remaining KS units (need to count still)

Then, if mighty god Crom looks kindly upon us, we can finally sell non-ks units


By Crom! Wenches and mead for all!


Got confirmation from Daniel yesterday. Last 140 PCBs needed to fulfill the KS rewards from my side are leaving US today. So I’ll be making the last EU/ROW #322-#475 in the coming week, and it seems we will be able to keep the promise of shipping everything for Christmas.

This means all the stuff we manufacture from there on can be sold online. The only thing to deal with is that there is a long line of people waiting. I’m not trying to cause a shopping spree, but I want to warn you all that anything we will have available will most likely be sold out pretty fast.

Edit: more manufacturing is being set up, but it will go over christmas before the other sources will begin to have an effect on availability.


Nice, just a little longer… but did you send all KS up to #322 already ? According to my KS mail i was number 250. Or do these numbers dont match the numbers you mention ? I do remember getting a paypal request for the extra covers a while back, so i geuss its on the way.

I know, I know, just be patient… :wink:


Yours is already on its way. Let me explain:

I put lots of Pokittos in individual boxes here in Finland. Then I put them in a big box. I send that box to Omniva logistics. They open the big box and re-ship the small boxes inside - at which point I get the tracking #.

Each box has 50-100 Pokittos, because less than that makes the shipping cost high per Pokitto. The last bunch is on its way to Omniva and contained backers (EU and ROW) up to 322.

I have then sent tracking # to all recipients (does not include US backers as those are shipped by Daniel) once I get the info back from Omniva.

So yes, yours is on the move, and I will send you a tracking # once it is processed.


Very nice, i will give it a warm welcome.

Interesting way of shipping, i geuss this is less labor intensive for you so it does make sense.