When will we be able to buy a Pokitto?

I follow this projekt since a long time, but I did not donate on Kickstarter.
Therefore, the question.

I am new in programming and all these stuff, so I stardet to read the tutorials made here.
It helps me to come in a bit, but it would be nice if some more tutorials be made:

  • how to use textures/sprites/etc… (i dont now the correct word)
  • what means all these button funktions? (pressed/released/repeat…)

I hope anybody answer me
(i am sorry for some english-mistakes :cold_sweat: )


Don’t worry, there are plenty of tutorials coming! I’m personally making one that will outline all the basics of making a game.


Can´t wait for it :blush:

Answer to the question: “when will I be able to buy a Pokitto?”

  1. I have hired a friend and his company to do the webshop. They are promising me it will be online 25 this month

  2. We are negociating more production capacity. The current problem is Daniel has too many products to manufacture - this is the bottleneck. I hope that will also be solved within 3 weeks

Welcome to Pokitto forums @Zuzu36!


@jonne That are great news!
What methods of payment will be accepted?
I did not own a Credit Card. Will it be possible to pay with Paysafecard or something else?

Do you have PayPal?

No, but it would be easier if I had one I think. Its perhaps possible to get one.
If not, any other methods? I dont now what it means in english, google translater says “on Bill”. Do you now what I mean?

What country will you be ordering from? I need to check what options can be made available.

From Germany. I think there are some options.

You can link a bank account directly to a PayPal account:


This means you only need a bank account to use PayPal - you do not need a credit card

Sounds good. I will check that.

What was the German word?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any German but I’m quite good at doing internet searches and I know a bit of German from my GSCEs.

“Rechnung” is the right word. I dont know how to describe the process from “Auf Rechnung zahlen”.
@Pharap Could you search what it means in english please?

Sorry for the delay, I was having dinner.
It seems to mean paying ‘by invoice’.

This is an “invoice”

Oder auf Deutsche, ein “rechnung”:
(Or should that be “einen rechnung”?)

No problem.
Yes, this is a “Rechnung” :grinning:
My question @jonne: is it possible to pay “by invoice”, like @Pharap said?
Thanks @Pharap for the quick answer

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Ah ok. I understand now.

The problem is not really the “Rechnung”. You still need to send the money somehow. Pokitto ltd has no bank account in Germany, so it would be an international payment.

You really should consider getting a PayPal account because the fees for “normal” international payments in banks can be very expensive

Outgoing international transfer 0.15%, with a minimum of €10, plus €1.55 SWIFT payment, plus €25 fixed fee for third party expenses (if it’s an OUR transfer)

Source: Deutsche Bank

… this is why PayPal was invented


Yeah understand. PayPal is little complicadet, but I found a way to get a “Only-one-use-Credit-card”! Its like a normal Credit card, but its only to use it ones. (Or something like that, anyway, it will work)

Thank you @jonne, @Pharap for helping me, can´t wait for my Pokitto :heart_eyes:

I must say: This community is so friendly and helpful. I don´t know how this works, many other communitys are really unfriendly. Is it because we´re so “little”(for a community stardet befor a half year and no/few advertisement are we big)?

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Basically the person who creates the forum also sets the example of how to behave. Then others who share the same way of thinking join the forum.

For me there are no such things as “stupid questions”. Forum members here treat everyones questions with respect, which I am very happy about.


I’m not sure if the size is related or not. It could be.

Personally I find that most programmers/programming enthusiasts tend to be quite friendly in general. (Not all, but most.)

However, I think the most important thing is that people come here because they want to be helpful and make the Pokitto even greater than it is.

In a lot of places on the internet, people pick a fake name and say mean things because they think they are ‘anonymous’ and can’t be caught/found out.
But here people want their contributions to be linked to their name, so naturally they behave nicely.
(Hopefully, like they would in the real world.)

If people here were mean then nobody would visit and nothing would get done. We wouldn’t have any cool games or neat programming libraries.

(That’s my view/opinion at least.)

I agree. I don’t know if its the programming itself or basicly that the people that are in this Comunity are more mature.

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