When will we be able to buy a Pokitto?


Its not a question of work. Finnish post is ridiculously expensive (x2) , so I ship from Estonia. Thanks to EU its perfectly legal to do so.


I’ll wait till after first of year, just keep my color in stock lol


That explains the Saku.


Any timeline on the shop opening, or am I missing it? I see a login page, but no way to register for a shop account.


Lol yes it is needed, I will have those refund moneys soon and want a Pokitto.


Guys, new batch of boards arrived in Virginia last weekend. And this is a brand new batch. All kickstarters are now done.

I’ve said it many times, and I say it again. Wont be long


Lol, cannot wait.


I can’t wait either!!


@jonne Will all the parts continue to be replaceable? Specifically, PCB board, if it’s upgraded or damaged, and battery. I assume they would only last a year or so? Maybe the battery can be eventually upgraded? Not sure if you’d just wait until the second version to upgrade parts.


The battery is a very high quality Li-Po. I don’t believe its finished in a year. If you need to buy a replacement, just get a li-po that is thin:


I’m read to order lol


@jonne I just found this post. Sorry for my similar question I posted a bit ago.

As for the new batch coming in. Is this an amount that will sell out immediately? Or an amount that will be in stock for a few weeks?

I’d hate to miss the boat on the second round.

That being said, if it is a limited amount. Could we get our names on a list? Or it’s gonna be a first come first serve situation.

I’ll have to be checking in every day in that case.


Tomorrow. ~28 on sale in the first lot, more (50) arriving on friday.

We have solved the problems, the webshop is fully functional and ready to launch.


I eagerly await the “Pokittos are now on sale” thread and the potential influx of new users.


Swwwweeet! I’ll be learning how to create some games then!


Oh no, i was late, everything is sold out again?


Yes. But more coming on monday.


@werton : back in stock!


finally ordered it. Thanks!


Where did the transparent green go?