[Tool]Xploritto (WIP)





icon36 Xploritto is a multi-purpose file manager and EEPROM manager for the Pokitto.

Current features:

File Browser

  • Battery voltage and percentage.
  • Creating new folders and files.
  • Renaming files/folders.
  • File/folder deletion.
  • Move files and folders.
  • File info - lets you view info on current file/folder.
  • File timestamps.
  • Wav and raw playback support(can play unsigned 8-bit mono at 11024 Hz).
  • BMP Image viewer(support 24 bits only).
  • Install loader file (.der).
  • View (.pop) files icon/info/screenshots.


  • Cookies manger delete/restore/backup.
  • Backup/Restore EEPROM to/from file.
  • Format EEPROM.
  • EEPROM Hex Editor.


  • Pokitto settings manager.
  • Boot Rom Dumper.
  • SD Card read/write benchmark.


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Source Code


Version 0.1.1 [24-06-2019]
Xploritto.bin (99.7 KB)
Xploritto.pop (488.5 KB)

Version 0.1.0 [23-06-2019]
Xploritto.bin (99.7 KB)
Xploritto.pop (412.9 KB)

Playing music?

Aaah this is so cool, I can’t wait to try it out later.


Boom! is all I can say :heart_eyes:


The vibe I’m getting from that explorer reminds me so much of the ones we had on my calculator :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Extra points for the EEPROM tools!!


I can’t seem to load titles when I go to the loader from settings. It freezes when I try to select Yes on the menu


@torbuntu thanks you for reporting, the issue is fixed in the new version you can download it from here


Wow! Epic turnaround time. Will grab this right now :smiley: thank you!
Works great!! Thanks again for such a quick fix.


I think @bl_ackrain needs a badge for this.


Wow! The number of features is just overwhelming. Looks very polished also.

A great tool!




Awesome, how exactly do I install it and use it.


You can install the *.bin like a normal binary. The *.pop file is an optional file for the SD card. It replaces the *.bin file. The pop-file enables launchers to show extended info about the game: icon, screenshot, info, etc.


Excellent work! I’m not sure that the battery equation is 100% correct though.


yes the voltage reading is not accurate, i don’t know why.


@jonne Xploritto does not show up in the Tools section of the games page , can you fix that please.


I will do that

Edit: added “release” tag

I am going to put Xploritto in the beginning of the games / tools page because it deserves to be the main tool for sd card browsing / loading


I know I sound dumb but I need more detailed instructions unfortunately.


The lower rubber button at the back puts Pokitto into a “flash drive mode”

  1. pokitto off, PC on
  2. connect USB cable between PC and Pokitto
  3. press and hold down the back lower button
  4. while holding the button down, turn Pokitto on
  5. Pokitto should turn on so that screen is completely white
  6. a new flash drive should pop up on the pc called CRP_DISABLD

now you will find firmware.bin on that new flash drive. delete it and replace with xploritto.bin (or any other Pokitto bin). Turn off and back on again, Pokitto should be running the new program


Pretty amazing job, extremely useful. Even an image viewer and a hex editor?! Great visual style as well – reminds me of these oldschool PDAs and smartphones I couldn’t afford back in the days of Nokia. I have a thing for these kinds of GUI.

Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to add support for other image formats as well? There are small and simple libraries for parsing different formats… JPEG and PNG would allow to store more images than BMP.


I’ll definitely do it tomorrow.

edit, what do I do with the pop file?