[Tool]Xploritto (WIP)



well is is snazzy, and I like it but it won’t load apps directly from it and now it goes straight to the original firmware, (with its super fast cursor lol)

when you start up it just ignores the xploritto


No theres a new loader now also

@bl_ackrain , is it ready now?


pop files are not supported by the current loader, you will not be able to use it for now.

Xploritto is not a loader, if you want to use it you will need to install it every time.
there is new loader under development with it you can loads .pop and .bin files (and the cursor is not super fast)


@jonne i need a few days to finish it.


@BigBadHodad , Rob stay patient for a while. I have used the new loader from @bl_ackrain and it will solve all of your problems, pay mortgages and ensure a happy and prosperous future. It’s that good!


Ok, I thought it was a replacement for the loader lol.


No Xploritto is a file browser & utility, that, together with the new loader, brings you total and seamless control of Pokitto

Xploritto can also install the new loader, when @bl_ackrain releases it


I’ll say it is nice. And I really like it.