[Tool]Pokitto Music Tracker

#Pokitto Music Tracker
This is the continued development version from @NullMember 's work by @Hanski and @jonne

Pokitto binary

tracker.bin (89.9 KB)

Original post
Hi everyone. Pokitto Music Tracker UI almost finished. Here is gif’s and github page

Github Page


neat! have you got sound working yet?
if so how do you do them and make a sequence by hand?

It’s have just UI :pensive:. I’m still not tried sound library. In my brain lot of ideas running around about UI.

I will check how the simulator is working w/ sound at the moment. I will get back to this by tomorrow.

i see, yea thats fine
idk anything about music but these tracks is that going to work i mean the tech sheet says
2 simultaneous sound output generators: 8-bit DAC and 8-Bit PWM
idk if thats related

Do not push yourself. I have a lot of work with UI. It can wait :slight_smile:

The 2 channels means that there are 2 ways of creating sound, at the same time;

  1. you can use the DAC
  2. you can use PWM (same as Gamebuino & Arduboy)

The neat thing is that you can push music from SD to one output (for example DAC) and you can make SFX on the PWM at the same time. The output is hardware mixed together.

SFX means you have a rboy based 3 channel synth with different waveforms or alternatively a Gamebuino compatible square wave only mode

You can use any number of sound with one output. Just like your computer. If you want to mix for example 3 sound just sum and normalize values. Mixing is done this way :smile:

There is already a 3 channel mixer inside :grin:

It’s just awesome. You, Pokitto and all of the community is awesome. Maybe they mixed inside the Pokitto? :smile:

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I think we should use the 220x176x4 color high resolution mode for the tracker

The simulator preview doesnt allow that mode yet. I will look into it.

I’m writing on 110x88 fast mode but everything is flexible. I can change resolution just changing some variables :slight_smile:

so if i understand it correctly music could be DAC from sd and sound fx could be on chip
how do you make dac music?

Probably pokitto can play wav samples or something similar.
Today i started to write keyboard program for tracker. And users can enter names to patches (Also i want to add load/save function from/to sd card. It can be useful for this job). After 1,5 hours i found keyboard function :sweat_smile: I’m little angry but it’s so cute :heart_eyes:

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Sorry about that! Good thing you found them.

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I also found a bug on GB compatible menu() function.

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OK. Thanks for the catch!

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First message updated. I would like to hear suggestions :slight_smile:

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Holy cow. Looks awesome

I’m working on save/load song/instrument functions. I hope it will finish asap :smile: