Few questions from a new guy

I recently got a pokitto and have a few noob questions around it.

For “Kraken” what is the latest version? On the boot screen, it says v102.
IF & when a new version does come out, do I update it using USB flash mode?

Is there a way I can control the brightness of the screen? Even in a dark room, the glare going to both eyes is too much and slightly different. On my other devices having similar LCD issue, I can lower brightness to minimise this problem a bit.

If I download a bin file from your site and put it on the SD card, then using Kraken I load it, is it the same as connecting the pokitto to the computer and putting it in USB flash mode and overwriting the 256kb file with the one downloaded? Will it both do the same thing in the end?

On the kraken loader, when I scroll through the folders, the screen brightness changes a bit. Is this expected behaviour? See video below

The reset button is supposed to take me to the loader screen doesn’t always work. Is this because some of the games/apps haven’t implemented it?

Battery shows different level in settings and on home screen. See video below

I really want the music demo that was here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKFkIE5l92g
How can I get it? Are there others like this one? How do I get them?

Thank you for your patience and trying to help me out.


Hi Prashant!

I am a bit busy at the moment, but I will also take a look at your questions later today.

Welcome to the forums!


Welcome, new guy!

Kraken v102 is currently the latest. Updating a loader involves copying it to the SD card, pressing C on the “Press C for loader” screen, then confirming that you want to update.

There is currently no UI for adjusting screen brightness. 30% is hard-coded into all the games, IIRC.

The reset button should work in all the games. Do you always see this problem on the same games? Is it possible your board isn’t properly aligned with the button?

The music demo is this one:


Firstly, Welcome to Pokitto! :smiley: Nice choice of clear case and buttons.

Got to say, on my Pokitto the battery level is at a constant 0% on Kraken Loader and 100% on the Xploritto. I didn’t know it was supposed to work :laughing:

I have my Kraken set in dark mode, so I haven’t personally noticed this, switching to light or default I notice a slight change between pages, but it doesn’t seem as extreme as your video here :thinking:
Does your camera make it more pronounced, or is it really that dramatic in person as well?

With the back buttons when I first got mine I thought sometimes they didn’t quite work all the time, but it turns out I wasn’t pressing hard enough, because the squishy pads seem to have a fair bit of travel.
There are a few times where I’ve had to actually re-flash a game to Pokitto, but most/all should be able to reset at least :thinking:

I just tested right now ByteBeat and for me the reset (Top back button) does in fact function as expected.

This is how I’ve understood it. The difference here would be when you put it on your SD card, you can load other games or programs and then still come back to it later if you’d like. If you flash it from the computer, but do not have it on the SD, when you load a different title it will be “gone” from your Pokitto until you flash from PC again. But they both behave the same as far as I know.

v102 appears to be the latest, you can always check by going to this post here: https://talk.pokitto.com/t/loader-kraken-new-version which also explains how to update :slight_smile:

And again, welcome!


Thank you, torbuntu & FManga.
You guys did help to solve majority of my noob questions.


  • latest version of kraken and how to flash it
  • difference between usb flash mode and copying a bin file on sd card
  • reset button not working

A few which I am still looking for an answer or have follow-up questions:

  • is there really no brightness control or am I missing something here? if I really wanted to control the brightness, would I have to edit the code of each game/app, re-compile the bin and put it on the sd card?
  • the changes in brightness is really that extreme in default and light themes in person as well. is this due to any fault in my particular unit or this problem is persistent overall?
  • different battery % in kraken & Xploritto - I think on the kraken post I read somewhere that battery % is experimental. does this mean that Xploritto % is the reliable one always? if yes, any way this may be correctly implemented in kraken?
  • I had found the music tracker already, but what I was asking was I wanted that particular music (the final countdown). is there anyway I can load a pre-made one (by one of the community members) or have to code it on the pokitto by self?

LOL, that song was made by me. I will post it here :wink:


Yes, Pokitto does not have an ‘OS’ like some devices, when a game is loaded, it takes full control of the Pokitto. So any game that you wish to have brightness control will have to be edited and recompiled. Sorry.


thank you for the clarification, spinal!


I’m sure it could be added to the loader, like the audio volume setting.



  1. Brightness control was not implemented in settings, will be added. Could possibly be done as a binary patcher
  2. Xploritto battery % is probably correct
  3. I will try to find the Final Countdownnsong for you
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