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@FManga , some palettes I did when I got the Zboy running the first time:

EDIT: deleted, because now I understood how the system actually works

EDIT2: This is very dangerous stuff for me, because I am a recovering color addict. I will spend next 24hours making palettes.


Skooma… Not even once.


Sensible Soccer palette


I need to add an “export palette” button as soon as I get home. :laughing:


I am badly hooked already.


They don’t call it football in Finland?


Football? In Finland?


Prince of Persia palette


Export button added! You should see it if you change one of the colors.
Now I’ll add the palettes you already made.
Edit: Added Prince Of Persia and Sensible Soccer palettes.



Awesome video Jonne! It really is amazing. I might even bring my Pokitto around with me now just to play some awesome games.

So the indie developer inside me wanted to look into some homebrew games that have been made for the original Gameboy that can be played on the Pokitto. I stumbled across The Gameboy Homebrew Hub a site dedicated for everything Gameboy homebrew related. There are a lot of games made my indie developers just like us completely free and legal to download and try out on the Pokitto.

Espionage Is a race against time to collect data disks before you get caught. Runs full speed!

Sheep It Up! Is a fun little game similar to doodle jump where you have to climb moving platforms to see how high you can get. Runs full speed!

There are a few others i found that worked well too but these two were the ones i enjoyed the most that worked. Granted these games aren’t of the same quality you would find from pro devs in the Gameboy’s prime. I just thought it was cool to play some games made from indies.


Thanks for the video, @jonne! Its great to see you’re having fun with this! :smiley:

@trelemar I wish that site had a “Download all” button. :laughing: We should add these games to the spreadsheet, along with a URL.

I made another update last night. After profiling Castlevania II, I managed to shave off some more cycles and all games should be a little bit faster. The zBoy source code is almost unrecognizable now. Also, I changed the spreadsheet to indicate when a game was tested, so we know if it was on the latest release or not.

It’s good to always use private/incognito browsing with the converter, to be sure the browser cache isn’t giving you an outdated build.


Reminds me of Eried’s Arduboy repo.


New update:

  • I added support for borders, along with all the borders in the site linked by @uXe.
  • Did some more optimization.

@jonne How’s the color addiction going? Got any more palettes? :smiley:

The backgrounds are gorgeous. Totally worth the hassle of reconverting all the games.




Love it!!  


…if it helps, there are RGB values for a lot of the palettes here:


which correspond to the thumbnails here:



I am in Ireland at the moment, driving around. I’ll add some more palettes when I get back home in the weekend!


@FManga : something really critical is missing

I need an “import palette” option. Now I have to hand input the values when I continue working on a palette and it is veeery slow to develop them.


This makes me very happy! :smiley:

Do you think something like the ODroid Go will be possible with Pokitto as well? (I just found the thread about the ODroid Go.)