[Tool]Gameboy Emulator



Holy moly! That is incredible!



Hang on, you listed games up to 2MB in size!
There’s only room in flash for ROMs up to 128KB!


We have faith in you Felipe!

:wink: I’ll remove those.


Its still 2397 roms


@FManga I just had the chance to try the Pokitto-Zboy tool you have made.

How can you do stuff like that in such a short time?

Your skillz are something beyond elite.

Just amazing. I am now playing Motocross Maniacs on Pokitto.

I need to pinch myself.

EDIT: I am sending you a hardware debugger as a little thank you for this.

And I think the Pokitto community agrees. This is just freaking me out. Now playing Castlevania.


Insomnia has its good side! :laughing:
A debugger? AWESOME! Thank you! :smiley:


The emulator at its current speed is actually perfect for beating Tetris on Level 9 / High 5 (B-Type) to get to the end screen! :smile:

(still no easy task though! :sweat_smile:)


Would be cool to add in the Super GameBoy borders! And shouldn’t hurt performance if you just draw them once and then don’t update that part of the screen?


That is a cool idea!


Amazing stuff like this gets me excited to work on new projects again. I tried out a few games like Tetris last night and the conversion process was foolproof. Awesome work again!


I think it can be done completely separate from the emulation also. If I remember correctly, the borders are actually SNES code (don’t quote me on that) and therefore really have nothing to do with the gameboy game at all.


I just made an update:

  • Now you no longer need to unzip your roms. Just drop the zip in.
  • Palette customization

It’s probably good to clear the browser cache.
Anybody care to make some preset palettes?


I haven’t looked at the relevant code yet, but I think GB carts can detect a super gameboy and send it specific commands (like loading/changing the border).
There isn’t enough space for the full border on the Pokitto, but maybe it’ll look good cropped. I’ll give it a try later. Also, I’m not sure if there’s enough space in flash, it’s almost breaking the loader already.


(In case anyone doesn’t get the significance, see here.)


Maybe part of the conversion process could be to seperate the border from the gameboy rom and save it as a raw bitmap to be loaded from the sd card?

[edit] - Can’t type :slight_smile:



@Pharap: Thanks, I’ll add those gradually. I added the first 3, for now. :slight_smile:


just tested Klax,Boulderdash,Bubble Bobble and pac-man :grin:


Just made another update with an optimization that helps Castlevania a bit.


I suspect we have a professionist here.
Anyway great job @FManga , it’s really awesome see some great game run on Pokitto. It deserve this.