The *ultimate* game controller PEX hat

The ultimate game controller PEX hat would take the parts from

  1. The Pokitto Joystick and Rumble hat:
  2. and the design of Arduino Uno PC Game Controller (no Arduino HW or USB connector is needed, just the 3D printed model):

Any volunteers to make this a reality :wink:


With as many pins as the PEX has, you don’t need to be limited to just a joystick and 2 buttons, you could go to 4 or 6 action buttons.

Either way, I think the joystick sould be on the left as that seems to be the convention for most controllers.


Why not 2 joysticks? Like most modern ones have I think for big brand consoles.


Sure, there can be more joysticks and buttons. That was just an example.

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I think you are definitely onto something though :eye::eye:

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Are there enough analogue input pins for two?

I can’t remember, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything hardware related.

Personally though I think it would be more useful to have analogue shoulder triggers than two joysticks.
Having analogue shoulder triggers that detect how far in they are make it easy to control the intensity of projectile firing which can be very useful.
In comparison, I find second joysticks are only really useful for controlling 3D cameras.

I agree. Engineering it would be difficult, but it’s a good idea.

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Having Twin-joysticks allows for the a fine Move + Firing Direction which is nice for some Shoot’em up and related tho (it can be achieved with a pad, but you loose the fine movement somewhere)

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Since the Pokitto is capable of basic 3D, it might be nice to enable more kinds of 3D games too. An FPS would be much more comfortable to play with twin sticks.

I was curious what the game controller would look like on a real scale, and if Pokitto d-pad and buttons could be used with the controller, so I made a cardboard model (I used xbox controller dimensions). Result: yes, all buttons, joysticks and d-pad can be easily reached.


How about Nintendo Switch style modular controllers? You could choose whether you want one or two sticks. Two controllers could also be used for 2-player games.



Looks very promising!

That would be very versatile, but most often you play single player games and for that it is probably not as good as the first option. I have Nintendo Switch and it has a very sturdy system which connects controllers to the main unit. There are rails into which you slide the controllers. It would be very hard to get even near that in Pokitto. In contrary the first option is sturdy by design as it is one piece.


That looks yummy @jpfli !!

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I still think if done in a clever way, the Lego technic connectors can be very sturdy and make for good hold points.

This is incredible. Like, next level stuff. The highlight of my week I think :smiley:


Please try that with legos and come back to tell us how it feels like :slight_smile:

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@jpfli Any progress with this?

I made a concept rendering of what a Pokitto style game controller could look like:

As for the modular controllers, there could be a separate base part to which the controllers are attached. Electrical connection is still a problem, of course, but Switch type rails can be printed (


If it was down to me, I’d find the cheapest controller I could online and cut it up :stuck_out_tongue:

The concept image looks very neat!

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