The *ultimate* game controller PEX hat

Does anyone know how easy it is to paint the 3d printed object (depends on the material used of course)? I mean the color selection for 3d printing is probably quite limited, so the controller could be painted to get the needed color tone.

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I think it works pretty well. The mini-joystick is the same as in the Joystick n’ Rumble Hat, buttons are typical clicky type. I’d like to try the non-clicky buttons, but don’t have any old gamepads laying around.

I looked at the issue I had with the shoulder buttons and it seems that I just need to rotate the switch component 90 degrees on the circuit board and they will fit perfectly.


I have been testing the prototype of the controller :grinning:

For that I converted Galaxy Fighter to use it. It also rumbles when a bullet hits.


I want one!


Making it more and more obvious that I should just fold and make the purchase of a 3D printer haha.

Finally the version 1.0.0 of the game controller is now ready for action.

For those who might be interested in building one themselves, below is the wiring diagram and zipped .stl files for 3D-printing. (172.9 KB)


You should consider adding mounts for an internal I²C gyroscope/accelerometer module and wiring it to the PEX I2C_SDA and I2C_SCL pins. Maybe wire the module’s INT pin to an interrupt capable PEX pin, as well.

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that’s amazing!

could you add a pic with the pokitto mounted on it please?

that makes a lot of new inputs + the ones still present on the pokitto itself which can still be used (e.g. the dpad used for target selection)


I also like the color choices. The two color body makes it to look thin and stylish.


@MLXXXp: That is a good idea. I’ll keep that in mind when I next time order new parts.

@carbonacat: Here is the controller with Pokitto:


Love the wrist strap. We need more Pokitto photos I think :smile:

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Looks fabulous! I like the new 3d printed PEX connector socket as you can now aim the socket without need to watch closely. Maybe also orange could have been a suitable color for the socket (?).
I also like matching backside colors of Pokitto and the controller.

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I definitely want one now haha all of these extra inputs would be so useful for ARIAT and other games

I’ll try to find a 3D printer around my place

Finally got the final version of my long-time order from @jpfli :smiley:

Super happy about it. Looks and feels really good!

Also spare white buttons are included :+1:


So jealous right now. Would love to get one of those some day, but not really an option right now.


same haha.

If there are enough person having these controllers, it’d be cool to make and share games for them.
The interesting thing is that we can also repurpose them quite easily too


Would it be a good idea to ask @jpfli if he can make a batch of these controllers for sale? Or do you rather 3d-print, solder and build the controller by yourself?

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could be!

How many people here are interested to have one here?

edit - [Poll] Are you interested to buy the "Ultimate Game Controller" for Pokitto? @hanski conveniently made a poll for answering this question :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would be interesting if the parts could be jiggled around a bit to allow the pokitto to sit flush ‘inside’ the controller so that it is clipped onto the inside rather than the front…


Yes that was something I thought also but the controller is quite good as it is. Maybe that could be considered in the future version :grin:.