Text game

sooo my daughter was playing with the Pokitto and encountered this screen in the Text game:

Not the nicest welcome to programming and the gaming industry. :neutral_face:

I realize any kinds of games can and are free to be made (I assume porn is inevitable, for example) but I’d keep in mind the broad potential of the kid audience when choosing which games to bundle into the default bundle. This one implies that surely no girls are playing this, with a bonus message that they’re pathetic.

Please write your comment to original post instead of creating new topic. :slight_smile: Here is a link

I think you’re right. First time I see this screen I think same things. But when I remember correctly this game is port. Original author not around here.


Ah sorry, didn’t see the original post, didn’t know the name of the game :slight_smile: (binary name is just “text”)

I just renamed the topic because [Game] makes the topic appear on the Games & Applications list, and this is a discussion about a game, not a new game itself :wink:

Also, @uXe might want to change this game a little if it’s going to come pre-packaged. I agree it’s not the best screen for little kids :stuck_out_tongue:

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As mentioned, I did not write any of the text for this game. I just adapted it for the Pokitto as an exercise for myself to learn the libraries.

I agree with everything @spongefile says about the problematic nature of that particular screen.

Would be happy to replace it with whatever text you might suggest instead?

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Maybe your daughter could suggest the alternate text for that particular ‘death screen’ if it would help as a lesson in speaking up for positive change?

The original author actually wrote the game as an Xmas gift for a girl, so I assume a lot of the content is actually well meaning in-jokes between the two.


Have removed the text “like a girl” from the game and re-uploaded on the original post linked to above.


Can we have an alternate link for the original version with a ‘not child friendly’ warning for those who might want to play the game as it was originally intended by the author?

Perhaps pokitto games should have some sort of age rating like movies? Obviously nothing will stop under age purple from using them, but just offer a warning the something might not be suitable?

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I think that totally fixes it and also keeps it very much in line with the original intent. Thanks! <3

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