[Game]The Lonely Cottage

’The Lonely Cottage’ (an old-school Text-Based Multi-Choice Adventure Game).

Adapted by me from the source by Wayne K Jones (www.warmcat.uk):

How to play:

Use Up and Down to move through the possible choices, and then A or B to select.

The aim of the game is to escape and make your way home. Good luck!

text.bin (56.8 KB)


I can try this as an English language exercise for my kids, if the vocabulary is not too difficult.:slight_smile:

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Just finished.

Really enjoy. Thanks @uXe it worth the time.

Spoiler alert! Click to show final screen!


That was a real hoot! What an excellent game! Thanks @uXe !!

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@uXe : I hope you do not mind if I add a Gif to the game description?

EDIT: Tuomo (11yrs) loves this game. He is fluent in english, and has given several tries to solving the puzzle. He’s struggling with how to get the steering wheel from the bear :smile:

Thank you!

Ha! :joy:

@uXe : request from Tuomo:

Could you ask him to make a longer adventure?



…one of my favourites that we used to play on the one computer our primary school had was ‘Transylvania’! and the publisher has since made it free to download:


(you would need to setup an Apple 2 emulator to run those old disk images though! :slight_smile:)

Otherwise, you might need to start working through some of these with him:


I almost suggested getting @JuiceLizard’s “The Guy Who Never Complains”, but it’s not completely suitable for children, and there’s no decision making involved.

Might have to try this sometime on my dad’s Apple IIe :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be interesting to make a Pokitto version of “The Guy Who Never Complains” with stupid decision making like “Do you want to win? A: YES B: NO”. In “South Park: The Stick of Truth”, the way the game asks the player what is the main character’s name is fun.

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