Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


Your honor, since when we start something with failure in mind? It’s all about believing in your projects.

Little Pokitto people will be as successful as what the community will make it. The same could be said of many other things that got forgotten, even though they were good.

It’s human nature to seek for the new thing. But what if the new thing could evolve with you?


Cheers from the audience

Bailiff: ORDER in COURT!


Please stand up, hon. Batcomputer will now give a verdict on this case!


Supreme justice of the court, Hon. Batcomputer is deeply moved by the inspired defense on behalf of the so-called “Little Pokitto people”

We are, however, still slightly hesitant whether this open-heartedness is shared by the community and whether all are ready to pitch in their part to make Little Pokitto people a part of our dear city.

We therefore defer the verdict on this case to the jury, and for the decision to be settled at a later date.


Court is adjourned for the day and will convene again tomorrow.

Discussion is now free, I am available in the cafeteria for comments and signing my new book, “How I made millions by selling old ticker tape”


Ah, trying a bit read dead online i totally forgot time and missed the action round here🤠
Good i already stated that i will like the outcome no matter what it will be, because reading the last posts i really can’t decide…


Next case on trial is People vs. Dungeon Crawler players club

Hearing is scheduled to start in 1 hour


I hope @drummyfish is able to join


Your honour,
the court would be hard pressed to defend a case without the Honourable Attorney @drummyfish


Yes yes, I am here, watching this case closely! Mostly silently, because I’m not good at these speeches, you gotta help me out people!


Sorry, yesterday I was caught in traffic and a bit of icy weather.


get on discord, half the discussion is over there :stuck_out_tongue:


This technology is foreign to me. I’ve seen it once, too much GUI everywhere, scary.


I am still on the fence, I tried to be a good defence for something else yesterday…


I use it on mobile, less scary stuff this way.


Bailiff: the hearing of People vs. Dungeon Crawler begins in 10 minutes


Case #3: People vs. Dungeon Crawler

Bailiff: all rise for Hon. Batcomputer




“I have looked at the particulars, and have decided the court is ready for a quick verdict on this case”



Will the defendants, Dungeon Crawler player club, please stand up?



I have looked into this and have decided there is no grounds for a case.

I opened up youtube, searched for 10 best Dungeon Crawlers, and didn’t recognize the names of any of them.