Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


I object the insinuations that the fiddling going on behind my desk and my constant looking down has anything to do with the newly released SSACA VI.


Please stand up, we are ready with a verdict for Mr Schmup


Your honor,

to be clear, which Mr Shmup, exactly, are we referring to?

Mr Geometry Wars Shmup?

Mr Ikaruga Shmup?

Or perhaps the conjoined twins Mr Nier and Mr Automata Shmup:



The court releases Mr Schmup on bail to await further proceedings.

Mr Hanski’s willingness to move baby aliens around at great speed, and Mr Manga’s offer to make an automaton that produces handsome aliens are hereby also noted.

Court is now in 20 min recess, next defendants are a travelling troupe called “Little Pokitto people”


With all respect, mr Manga, they all look the same to us.


Your honor,
And about assets:
this is what I made (all procedural) because I’m not an artist


The court will reconvene in a moment.


All rise for the hon. Batcomputer!


Case #2 People vs. Little Pokitto people


The next case is people vs. Little Pokitto people

The defendants were found camping on talk forum grounds without permission and in disregard of forum statute #72 ordance 43 that clearly states that all pixelated persons must indicate their home console / 8-bit home computer upon arrival to the authorities.


Prosecution, your turn




“Little Pokitto people” , you say, eh?

When you were discovered loitering on the forums, is it not true, that you presented your self with a different name, and that you assumed the family name “Pokitto” only later to confuse the authorities of your true identity?

Prosecution submits following evidence to the court:


The prosecution would like to draw the courts attention to the following sentences:

  • "These are real computer people!*
  • “Once you have discovered them, you must give them food, water and lots of attention!”



And as the court, hon. Batcomputer and members of the jury are well aware, the resources of our dear Pokitto-city are limited. In fact, we live in constant scarcity of CPU power and RAM!

Do we want to share our little food with these pixelated immigrants? Give our precious little bits to a group of travelling minstrels ?

Who, furthermore…

… have been caught, yes caught, of pretending to be a reality show, when in fact, all the action has been painstakingly scripted!

Do we really want to spend our resources on a game that is not really a game which may provide us but with a few moments of interest, yet sap our precious few coding moments to be able to do so?

Are “Little Pokitto people” a bunch of do-nothing vagabonds, or will they actually become honourable and productive members of Pokitto city?

Defense, your turn


Your honor, little pokitto people indeed need to be welcomed in our community. Isn’t our community based on warmly welcoming newcomers?

I think these little Pokitto people can easily become our flagship and do I dare say, becoming some kind of emblem for our community.

Taking care of them and make sure they are well, in return they could potentially be beneficial to all of us in many ways.

They could maybe one day even be used as personas for our pokittos in the new bootloader.


Your honor, in addition, some people here already prepared some usefull assets to welcome them with us. So part of the work is already done.


The court is very impressed by the long-term and inclusive arguments presented by the defense


Hmm… interesting… :thinking:


Although, attorney @Vampirics, we know these “Little Computer people” failed to renew their reality show contract on the C64 channel, the Apple 2 channel and various other places.

What makes you so sure they will find success on the Pokitto, given their abysmal track record of maintaining the interest of the audience?


Your honour, imagine being greeted by your little pokitto people when turning on your Pokitto. All ready to load up your favourite pokitto game!


Your honor,

More modern versions of the reality show are still broadcasted in other regions under different names: The Sims, Fallout Shelter, NintenDogs…


That is true also.