Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?



“in fact, every review video was made by a guy that looked like Eric from 70’s show right down to the corduroy pants”



I therefore put forward the motion that Dungeon Crawler club stays within the confines of their mouse-driven environment and that members of the club use deodorant if playing in a public library.

If prosecution has no objection, I move to dismiss the case.



Your honour,
no objection.

Defense ?


Your Honour,
recent case like “Legend of Grimrock” clearly show that the undergound dungeon crawler is still active!


The court is not claiming that nerds are a dying breed, Mr Ludens!


Your honour,

a dungeon crawler is the closest we can get to Skyrim on Pokitto. Need I say more?


Thunderous agreement.

Your honour, I must agree with this assessment.


Your Honour,
we also have a plan! A good plan that will shine marvelous high color and high resolution renders of dangerous dungeon, with low cost, in term of handmade pixels, that all you know how expansive are nowadays.


Mr Fish, in 3 of the top-ten videos I looked at on youtube, none of them included Skyrim. Are you talking of Dungeon Crawlers or RPG’s, mr Fish?


Mr Ludens! We were not born yesterday! We have seen numerous such get-rich-pixels quick schemes in the history of computer games and they always end up in delayed launches and big disappointments!


Your honour, are not Dungeon Crawlers a form of RPG?


As a representative of the Dungeon Crawler players Club, perhaps you would like to offer a definition (of what a Dungeon Crawler is) , Mr Buntu?


Your honor,

I’d like to point out that dungeon crawlers have a devout following in the form of games like Persona, which is played on consoles like the PSP without a mouse by people who don’t have overly extensive beards.

Also, the mechanic allows for player created content: levels and enemies can be streamed from the SD since it does not need a high framerate. This might be attractive for people who want to make games but don’t want to learn to code. People who currently make games in Bitsy, RenPy, Twine, etc.


Your Honour,
can we neglect the fact the other team made game, the famous Columns and Coffins, is very close to dungeons crawler genere?
Are not we here, in search of a good game genere that can create a solid group.
So why not follow the same track that give such a good result in the very old days of this little console?


Your honor,

let’s not forget Skyrim has been born a dungeon crawler named Arena and Dagerfall! They are the very essence of the RPG genre. And is RPG not the king of all computer game genres? These old games had bigger world than Skyrim could ever dream of. I believe we’d be able to recreate these large worlds on Pokitto as well, if given the chance. Let’s give the old ways a chance.


Your honour,

according to a highly reliable source on the matter, wikipedia,

A dungeon crawl is a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinthine environment (a " dungeon "), battling various monsters, and looting any treasure they may find.

This broad definition could easily be extended to large portions of Skyrim.


Rumors from the crowd



You speak very persuasively of the Dungeon genre, messieurs, but conveniently are overlooking the fact that a bunch of amateurs will end up with a Dungeon Crawler that looks like this, regardless of whether it comes from an SD card or not:



Your honour,
may i remind the court that games like „the quest“ are really successful on mobile devices and pokitto has more personality like any phone out there! So why should those overrated mobile gadgets keep all the fun for themselves?





Whisper: Is that marijuana on the background?