Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


… some people have an incredibly short attention span or trouble reading

EDIT: ok now everyone seems to understand the idea !


Phew. Work finally over. So not quite sure what i missed but now i voted at the last two questions. Hope this made sense i somewhat lost track, but i am not sure what i didn’t understand oerhaps either :thinking::laughing: And i at this point recognize i even can’t write properly today … oh my


Wow. This is going to be tight.


To be honest, I voted the wrong one at the first question!

I usually don’t eliminate something by a vote, and I got confused by the text - something more like “I don’t want …” or “I want to replace …” might have worked better for me haha


You can change the vote. Just press “hide the results” and vote again





in a shocking turn of events, Shmup gets knocked out and replaced with Dungeon crawler

Edit: we have our finalists:

  • Castleboy (by virtue of @pharap 's immunity idol)
  • Little Pokitto people
  • Dungeon crawler

You can vote on the winner now:

  • Lemmings clone
  • Clone of Lemmings

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Whaaaat! Is getting crazy! We should have made some bet before start…


Never bet against the Casino… :wink:


Nice try Jonne!


Damn, I also misunderstood the intention in the first question. I should have voted the one I did not want… :confused:


Haha! This game requires nerves of steel and relentless attention.

But don’t worry, the producers of this show are not finished milking the format until the very last drop!


No more votes for Lemmings? Ok, fine.


I would need to buy better glasses to see the miniature lemmings on the Pokitto screen :wink:


“Attention, attention!”

“The flight to the Game Idea Survivors island Finals is leaving. The aircraft is ready to take off and the gate is closing.”

"This is the ABSOLUTELY FINAL call for passenger Mr/Mrs … "


  • Pinball
  • Lemmings clone
  • Zelda-esque top down adventure
  • Outrun-y driving game
  • Multiplayer Bomberman
  • Shmup (shoot-em-up)
  • Wolf3D type game
  • Simple puzzle-y platformer
  • Micro Minecraft3D

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Ok - then i‘ll try again. :joy:


I told you it was rigged! Btw I was 1 of the people who voted only on the first question of three. Sorry for that, I did not have time to immediately respond to the other ones


You can redeem yourself now. Choose wisely!


Finally got to vote haha


This thread is epic.