Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


Much like this community.


Never had so much fun with voting ever. More than epic :rofl:


Uh oh.

Next voter decides.

When I see 9 votes, the gate closes!



That was fun! Tomorrow we have finals!


congrats to

  • shmup
  • Little Pokitto people
  • Dungeon crawler
  • Castleboy

for making it to the finals


What time? I don’t wan’t to miss.


Don’t worry. It will be a different format, again.

You will not miss it.


LPP is doing good! nice.
its like a weird birthday present from forum democracy!

I have no idea why that part didn’t post earlier.


What the hell did I just read!?
I think I’ll stick to writing templates, they’re less confusing. :P

namespace detail
	template< typename ToType, typename FromType >
	struct is_assignable_helper
		template< typename To, typename From, typename = decltype(declval<To>() = declval<From>()) >
		static true_type test(int);

		template< typename, typename >
		static false_type test(...);

		using type = decltype(test<ToType, FromType>(0));

	template< typename ToType, typename FromType >
	using is_assignable_helper_t = typename is_assignable_helper<ToType, FromType>::type;

template< typename ToType, typename FromType >
struct is_assignable
	: detail::is_assignable_helper_t<ToType, FromType> {};


Finals will start tonight (in about 8 hours)

… because unfortunately I have to do some work too! :wink:


IMHO for the finalists, we the bat computer could consider the work amount and available resources for the game.

  • Are there any open source projects (including gfx & sfx resources) we could port?
  • Are there any free graphics resources we could use for a particular game?
  • Do we have enough graphics talent on board island :wink: ?
  • If the game requires heavy (or even adequate) level design, are there persons interested in doing it?

I think the most critical part is the graphics and the level design. We have a good capability of coding knowledge here.


Don’t worry, you can get graphics and sfx for anything at sites like OpenGameArt and FreeSound, unless it’s really very specific, but I’ll help with that, I have nice collections, and I’ll create original assets as well if needed.


The batcomputer has already calculated this into the plans for the finals


I think it still can happen e.g. that we need a new enemy character or a background image but there is nothing that fits to the style of the rest of the graphics. But good to know that there are persons with gfx capabilities also :slight_smile:


If we keep porting things and using pre-existing assets and never creating original Pokitto games then there won’t be any reason to prefer Pokitto over other consoles.

We need more original Pokitto games, with original content.
At the moment the ratio of ports to original games is one of the things that’s holding the Pokitto back.

If you look at the Arduboy, the overwhelming majority of games are written from scratch and use original art (even if it’s an homage to an existing game), and that’s part of what gives it character.

(Not to say that the Pokitto doesn’t have character,
but it would have even more if we had more stand-out original titles.)


If needed I can always help. I helped on many projects on another console. And even coded some of my own.

But like all of you, this is a hobby so free time to work on this is uneven.

And some well thought tutorials would probably help to get people wanting try creating something for it.


@Vampirics Maybe you could remake your loverush game for pokitto?


Yup, somebody is already on it on his free time. And I colorized the graphics for a simple colour port for now. But ultimately, I would like to redo it all and use the whole screen properly.

Space Cab and Mini Rogue are the 2 others that I would like to port on the pokitto in some ways. Could even be like sequels with new level instead of just a port, since we have more space to work with on the Pokitto.


I think it would be an ideal game for the Joy hat.


An original game would be great! They are in most cases just much harder and time consuming to make, as you have to invent the levels, draw the graphics and tune the gameplay.

But if someone has an original idea which would make a great game, I am happy to help!


Totally agree (said the person who just ported a game…)