Suggest a game review template

Because I’m lazy, or because you’re lazy? :P

If I am lazy, I have a weird way to show it. Because you say you are, and what you did is fine.

I understood the first half, but not the second half.

At any rate, if a better artist doesn’t come forward and the 4 reviewers have been chosen,
I’ll need to know who I’m drawing and what they’re supposed to look like.
(And whether there will be any special requests, like capes, or helmets,
or being drawn as a cat or a skeleton.)

The art you did is fine by me, so why not have you do it.


Good news!

I told Tuomo that there is some interest in having him as one of the independent reviewer of games in Pokitto mag.

On condition that he does not have to appear on videos he said yes.

So, if no-one disagrees, we have firm booking on one game reviewer.


That’s great!

I am trying to get my step son to make the reviews too but looks like he is not receiving the confirmation email to log in here, since yesterday.

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Maybe the spam filter got it?

He checked his junk mail too. Nothing.

Problem with sparkpost quota

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Hey all! Vampirics let me know that you needed someone to review games for the next pokitto magazine and I would love to throw my hat in the ring. Let me know what you need me to do!


For now you might as well either put the finishing touches on your profile,
or make a thread in the introduce yourself category.

I presume that means we’re on a confirmed 2/4?

If @Zockeromi up for it, can we make that 3/4?


As i said before, i made another article, i think i won’t find the time to make a review as well…


Ah, ok, I saw you say you made an article,
I didn’t see you say you wouldn’t have time to do any reviews - fair enough.

That means we’re on 2/4.

It might just be a coincidence, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Famitsu chose to have 4 reviewers specifically because of the てんのう (‘shitennou’ - ‘four heavenly monarchs’) in Buddhist tradition.
It’s a common pattern in Japanese media,
most notably seen in Pokemon’s ‘Elite 4’ (literally ‘shitennou’ in the original).


Perhaps Nicole you didn’t look at the format. The reviews per game are very short. A few lines of text and a number

The reason why I’d love to see you as a reviewer is because of your vast experience of games


Did i say i love you all guys? :wink:
But seriously i don’t know if i can find some time atm…


Honestly I myself wouldn’t mind giving the reviews a shot. I’ve been playing games since before I could read. Final Fantasy for the NES is the whole reason I learned to read before starting school. Been experimenting with game development for 17+ years now as well and is the whole entire reason I started learning to program with a good old teach yourself ANSI C 98 (good times were had with bad code when I was but a wee lad).

Just need to know what the final review format decision is then I can put my two cents in for a bunch of games that have been released so far (I’ve played almost all of them so far). Also need to know when the reviews need to be submitted (I would probably type them in a simple text file for simplicity).


You’re hired!


So that brings us to 3/4…

I doubt we’re going to magically have a better artist appear now,
(unless the reviewers want to volunteer to create their own portraits),
so going on the assumption that I’ll be doing the portraits,
can I get a rough guide on how big the portraits should be?

(Preferably in terms of pixels or centimetres.
My scanner can operate at a maximum of 300 dpi if that’s relevant.)

Also, naturally I’m going to need some kind of reference to what I’m supposed to be drawing.

Personally I think the reviewers should be allowed to choose some kind of fictional character to represent themselves if they’d rather.
(Providing it’s an original character of course, or something very generic - being sued wouldn’t be very fun.)
It kind of breaks away from the famitsu homage,
but I can think of a number of valid reasons for prefering it.

Today for practice I doodled @Zockeromi,
so if she approves I could post a scan of that to pass the time.

(I also doodled many many skulls because I couldn’t settle on a style and skulls are strangely difficult.)

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Of course i approve (what else could i do) :laughing: