Suggest a game review template

That is really good!

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One vote for Tuomo for reviewer!

He is a hyper-critical 13 yr old nowadays.

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Sounds like a perfect balance if we have @torbuntu as a reviewer as well :wink:

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Getting back onto the score system for a moment…

I’ve done a bit of research and found that the majority of game review websites tend to just give a single score out of 10 these days, if at all,
but I definitely remember a time when it was more categorised.

I sometimes find Steam reviews that do scores,
so I tracked a few down and found that a handful were using a system a bit like this:

  • Quantitative:
    • Audio
    • Graphics
    • Gameplay
    • Difficulty
    • Story
  • Qualitative:
    • Story
    • Bugs
    • Game Time
    • Target Audience

There are also some systems where people list the positives and negatives.

Perhaps we should have a system using ‘audio’, ‘graphics’, ‘gameplay’ and some other factor,
rate each of those 4 out of 10 and sum those to get the score out of 40?
(Or maybe have ‘gameplay’ be worth 20 rather than 10 since it’s more important than sound and graphics?)

(Either that or we just let reviewers choose how they want to do things,
or just stick to the standard x/10 system.)

I like the famitsu-style reviews. Really short, but have each game reviewed by 4 reviewers, each with a final rating out of 10. So it won’t take long to do reviews and will have more then just one opinion. No need to overthink this.


Yeah! @torbuntu is hyper-uncritical!

I totally agree. We got this nailed.

Only thing remaining is to have some sort of points criteria (graphics, sounds, playability and appeal) to help individual reviewers to give a single number (1-10) to each game.

We could do a pilot test with 4 reviewers.


I missed that part because I neglected to fully read the Wikipedia article.
(I skimmed it, and mainly focused on the list of top-scoring games.)

Off topic, but “LoZ: Skyward Sword” receiving a perfect score from Famitsu makes me question their reviewers’ competance. :P

Wasn’t @Zockeromi already nominated has one? Then Tuomo, then @torbuntu, that’s 3 already :stuck_out_tongue: and I also volunteered, only issue is that reviewers probably should not review their own games . In that case Tor and me would need to back out. I may be able to get RagingR0nin ( the person that made the Java Jam poster art) to be a reviewer


I made an article about why i love games on pokitto more than triple a titles. But my PC crashed and @jonne is the only one who had a copy of my work :wink:


I sent it back to your email so you have it now too

Reading, and will comment in email!!!


I would stay up all night again to read this. Regardless of language. I’d use a paper dictionary if that’s what it takes.

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@Zockeromi , its a great article, I hope you send it to @torbuntu


Thanks, but i only have it in word format and i don’t know if my english is good enough @torbuntu

I have a minor in Linguistics :smiley: so I wouldn’t worry about that. I can also figure out the format. It’s worth it :smile:

Pretty please?

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LibreOffice is able to read some of the older word formats at least.
(I’m not sure about the newer formats.)

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If there are no other proposals I think @pharap is a very good choice for the “portrait artist” :+1: I hope that the portrait of @jonne could also be used in the mag even if he was not a reviewer.


I’m still not-so-secretly hoping a genuine artist will come forward and offer to take over.

Partly because I think having a proper artist will give a better impression,
and partly because I’m lazy. :P

I’d hope to at least attempt a better version if that was the case.

The flat shading might have taken me the best part of an hour,
but I barely spent 5 minutes on the initial drawing.

(I suddenly find myself wondering if the Pok15 contest will ever be revived.)

Exactly why I want you to do it and why I am not even trying to do it myself. :stuck_out_tongue: