Roguelike port?


I agree. My iPad is shit, with system playin’ tricks on me. Idk where it’s pulling the automatic time from. Anyhow you can always update the downloadable. Work in progress says more than enough!


2 min! We need to push it!


It is already published. Just update the downloadable once you get it fixed.


Oh, I somehow missed it in submission feed. Sorry for the panic :open_mouth:


It has also begun crashing every time you die. Sorry guys. I have no idea why.


Luckily NOT the version I uploaded !!! Wheeewww


Nope. Also that version. Caused by Game over screen (sprintf) printing to a char* that has not been allocated any memory

       char * over;
            sprintf(over,"Game Over \n \n   You died on floor %i \n \n   with %i gold",dungeonDepth,playerGold);


Now you have to check the latest versions and see what was amended during each update. Is the problem with the sim, or does the game crash now with the latest update on the hardware?
Edit: I knew @jonne would spot the error in no time.


Well, hopefully we can fix those and update it soon. But there is no rush now.

It was a wild, wild ride! Now I need to go and get some proper food! I will see you guys soon!


I found it and fixed it already. See above.

If you make a char* pointer you need to allocate memory to it. Otherwise it points wherever in the program memory.

It is also updated on the game page already


Ok. The version that is up there does not randomize for some really odd reason.

However it also doesnt crash.

All I have to say is GOOD WORK EVERYONE!!!

And: Thank YOU !


@jonne, are you sure it’s not just the sim where the randomize doesn’t work?


I literally have no idea. The random function is seeded exactly like it is supposed to but still no fish.

i ran out of time to find out what was wrong.

Oddly, you can upload new versions even after the deadline has passed ??!?!?


But what happens now on hardware is the question. Anyways, what a great trip this jam entry has been. This community is really working towards the same goal! I have never seen or witnessed something like this before where people are contributing to the same project remotely, but with such co-productive manner that even real teams in one room do not always accomplish!


Hey all! If you get a chance tell your friends about this CGAJam entry you’ve been working on and ask them to give their rating and comments.

Creating account takes no time, and then everyone who wants can leave their rating and comments. Maybe @jonne could add one more field to More Information tab (rating with stars / comments) where the overall rating can be viewed at the project page.


I have been reading this post from the beginning, and i can only say : Wow…
Great work!


Played this Column&Coffin
Awesome game!!
Waiting to play the same on actual device

Thanks Community for great game !!!:grin:


I have started working on the design doc for the game. Let me know what you think of the ideas in it so far.(it’s mostly about the setting right now)

If you want to edit it, let me know, and I will add your email with editing privileges.

Now, let’s talk about color!

@jonne - how big a palette can we have for the game in the hi-res mode for:

  1. Each sprite being 1bit of any color from the palette
  2. Sprites being 2bit (4 colors including black)

I would personally love 64+ colors. But I can make something good with something like 32… maybe even 16.

@adekto/@jonne - how much of an issue would it be to have 2bit (4 color) sprites if we consider that every sprite would use black and up to 3 different colors (as we would need to assign colors 1-3 for each sprite to a different color from palette, 0 always stays as 0)? Would it be time consuming to program or memory intensive to run when we have a screen filled with sprites?


My improvements would be to animate the movement with at least with the mirror image when moving from left to right. This would add more “realism”. This same simple animation should be applied also to the enemies. For fights some simple movement of the sword / weapons would make it feel more like a duel, at least when fighting an opponent facing horizontally. For vertical movement the characters could be left without additional animation.
These are very simple additions, but would in my mind make a nice improvement.


Yeah, we are planning on mirroring the sprites (hopefully this can be done in code), and possibly adding a small “hop” or some other one frame animation for movement.

And yes, I want to add something for the combat animation. I am not sure if the system allows us to move a tile by less than a tile (because moving it 2-4px for few frames towards what you attack would be awesome!) That would be for the attacker. For the attacked character probably something similar to what Dungeons of Dex does: if hit, sprite changes to a “hit” icon for few frames, or if dodged, it changes to a “dodge” icon. You can see it below in action:

This would mean, we would take control away from the player for however long it takes to play through all the animations ( it wouldn’t be too long as maximum of 4 monsters will be able to attack the player at once, because we will stick to 4 direction movement), but that doesn’t seem to be too hard to program or too annoying to play with.

I will do some more research on how roguelikes deal with that, see if there is a better solution.