Roguelike port?


Congrats!! That was a splendid team work :sunglasses:


Don’t count your chickens yet. I have not uploaded yet


39min, plenty of time! :sweat_smile:


Could someone else test the downloadable, please !!!


I am sorry there will not be a linux version. I dont have time to make it work / test it


@jonne just write Linux version coming soon! And get your Pokitto for the full gameplay experience! :hugs:


Tested on win10. Works without a hitch!

EDIT: The dungeons do not randomize! Can we just use seed from timer on windows?


I’m not home yet or I would. Probably won’t make it in time. Someone can seed it with game.framecount for now at least!


25 minutes, I will fix it.


16min. Not counting, but making sure you are.


I have the window open, it says 25 min ?


Me too, and it says now only 14 min.


6 min, and some secs. I don’t understand how you can have a different countdown.


I have 13min. It might rely on your system clock. I am 13 min away from 6pm EST


It closes at 1 am. Even my phone says 0:47


Something is wrong with srand. Its not randomizing even though I am giving different seeds


Huh. I had it working the other day with different seeds. Got different results per seed as expected.


Same here. Thats why I dont understand what is going on


Crap, is there any other rnd function we can use?

Edit: Push it, we are 9min away. We can always update it later with rnd seed!


AAAAHAAAAAA !!! WHO HAS PUT srand(SEED) here ??? :wink:

Edit: doesn’t help. Still the same result