Pokitto Ware Factory idea

Ok, so I have been thinking about a game idea, so far PokittoWare Factory is just a working title, basically it is kinda like war ware/Work Time Fun just mini games, silly and pointless time killer things, though I have no idea where to start, because Im no coder lol.

I actually hope someone here could help with that, hence why I am posting this.
well here goes the first game,

Legend of Sorting : a Link to the Pokitto
background is black, you use A and B to play,
A is pass, B is smash
the game keeps track of how many times you hit tingle or navi if you smash a cuckoo the game ends and score is reset to 0, no point other than just hitting the “Fairys” and not hitting the chickens,
they are randomly chosen to appear, and every minute of time playing that passes the music gets more intense, like a simple 80’s arcade beeping that gets faster the longer you play to make it seem as though you’re running out of time,


I could help get you started if I had a better idea of how you want your game to function.

Some diagrams and things would be useful.
Sketches of gameplay, state diagrams, that sort of thing.
Or a link to a video of a game that you want the gameplay to be similar to.

I suspect Wario Ware games use a scripting language to implement the mini games.

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Actually a great idea for a starter project - you can start with one simple game and keep adding more. Awesome.

What comes to mind as an inspiration for other games is this old legendary 9999 in 1 gaming device I used to have as a kid:

You’ll be able to find a video of the games somewhere, there were many (well, 9999). Then I’d also look for single button games which are usually simple but addictive kinds of games. Oh, and this.

If you need help with the code I can help too, though I’m not as skilled as @Pharap, but feel free to message me (just keep in mind I don’t own Pokitto yet, I just know general programming stuff).


I’ll draw up a screen shot tomorrow, basically all it does is randomly shows 1 of three characters, a button kills, b button passes, Navi and tingle can either be killed or ignored and your score changes depending (+one point to kill -1 point of you ignore) and if you hit the cucco game over score resets. That’s it, just a twitch time waster.


Sounds relatively simple.
I can certainly help with that.

Maybe it could be a sort of learning project and you just make lots of new minigames as you go?

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Thats what Im hoping, I think I will probably be able to do it on Pokitto, I wanted to try to do the same on pocket chip, but we all know what happened there (thanks Dave and Voder :frowning: )

Im hoping to make a few and that everyone likes them,

I hadn’t heard about the PocketCHIP. From what I gather it’s been discontinued for some reason.

I’ll try to throw something together later that illustrates the concept, but without knowing what you expect it to look like I can’t promise that it’s going to look like what you want, but the functionality will be there.


Pocket chip, basically the money to ship the units they sold was apparently redirected into development of voder and no one since spring of 2017 got their units.

This is basically what I’m thinking of

There are free sprite sheets on google for the images, and if size is ok perhaps there could be alternate versions of the three characters to help throw the player off, and then the stress music that gets faster every so often ( speeds up randomly every 15-25 points) all that happens is when you press a you kill the characters from the score for that one goes up by 1, when you press b you spare it your score goes down by 1 and you have to spare cucco if you hit it game over and I’d like it if c saved and suspended the game.

To put it politely: that sucks.
(Surely they could be sued for that or something?)

Best check the licence to be sure.

If not, I’m sure we can track down a proper artist.
Until then, programmer art will do.

For now it’s best just to get the idea off the ground first and worry about the extra features afterwards.

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a similar idea, is match sorter, you sort matches, you get them ready to go in the box, some are rotated and you have to rotate them before putting them in the box and some have no heads, you get a point for each one put in the box, you lose 2 point for each one put in backwards, and 5 points for each one put in without a head if you hit 0 points game over, every 50 points you get a new box to fill.

a sample match

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Guinea pig jockey

you are riding a guinea pig and you have to win a is normal trot and b is sprint, if you sprint too much your guinea pig gets tired and trips and if you only trot you will lose because well you have to sprint,

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Monkey toucher,
there is a monkey and he’s sitting there minding his own business, but there is also a hand and it will try to touch the monkey you have to shoo it away, shoo it too soon and it will get mad and you lose a point, shoo it too late and it will probably touch the monkey, and you lose a point, shoo it at just the right time and get 2 points,

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Which is why I am happy to say I own the Pokitto tools lock-stock and barrel. All paid for. Many people have told me you should do this and expand that. I’ll do it, but only when I see where the money will come from.

Even if Pokittos have their faults and shortcomings, nothing can stop me from making these things :wink: bursting into a maniacal cackle, the deranged Mr Pokitto throws his cape over his shoulder and disappears around the dark street corner


Now that the IDE problem is solved (though we still need to make a more in depth tutorial about it), I think the only major shortcomings are the library itself and the current lack of hats, documentation and tutorials.
(All of which will be solved in time!)

The device itself I don’t have any major issue with.
(A few niggling issues, but most of those have been explained as e.g. money constraints).
I really love the shape and size of it, especially the case.

There’s always room for improvement of course, but otherwise I think the Pokitto is easily one of the best programmable consoles in terms of design and features.

Cue victorial police blowing their whistles and yelling “stop him!”. :P

Slow down on the ideas.
If you have them then by all means write them down, but don’t go looking for too many ideas at once.

Take it from someone who knows - having too many ideas at once leaves you with 5 non-functioning projects instead of a single finished one.
* hides the pile of dead projects * :P


If I don’t write them down I will forget about them that’s the only reason I posted several

Form factor was pokitto is just darn near perfect as for hats I would like to see you happy you could perhaps plug a raspberry pie into and make the raspberry pie like a slave to the pokitto


Fair enough.

Agreed. I firmly believe that hats are the next step forward for the Pokitto.

I would like to develop a hat, but I’ve got so much else to do and it would be a big learning curve.
I can 3D model, but I’ve never 3D printed and I’d have to get the measurements right and make sure I’m using a suitable format, and I might need to learn more tools than blender.

(I can certainly design hats though.)

You almost certainly could, but a Pi would be a bit overpowered I think.

Look at https://opengameart.org.


@BigBadHodad I’ve got a really basic prototype written up.

Here’s the .bin:
firmware.bin (39.4 KB)

Do you want the code posted publicly or should we move to PMs for development purposes?

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It can be public if you’re ok with it. As for any other ideas if someone wants to make them by all means they’re welcome to it.

Has anyone thought of emulating the classic Mattel football game? Or any of he old lcd games?
There were two from RadioShack I’d love to see reborn

Cosmic fire away

And especially caveman

I should try to make pixel art for caveman.