Pokitto Magazine (!)


Most of the answers are fairly obvious.

I doubt @Vampirics spent much time thinking them up.

(Though I’m now having doubts about one of my answers.)


Lol exactly 3 minutes to think about it and create the whole thing.


Yes, but not all the readers are as techie as we are.


Still can’t get that last one, here’s what I’ve got so far:


Sorry for the mouse-written text, I was trying to be quick. :P


I think 6 might be ‘constant’, but I’m having doubts.
The clue seems rather cryptic.

(I almost forgot the forum doesn’t have the spoiler plugin.)

At least half the answers aren’t really ‘techie’.


Lol good thing you are stuck on the one that I did try to make a bit cryptic. Here’s a clue, Harder is the keyword here. And the answer implies the opposite lol


Now you spoiled it !!


Oh right, now I know what you mean.
I usually associate that term more with desktop programming than console programming.


I never specified one or the other.


This is the Pokitto, console programming is implicit. :P
(Console as in games console, not console as in CLI.)