Pokitto Magazine (!)

Not exactly.

He created a medal to be awarded to mothers ‘of exceptional merit’ who had at least four or five children.
Bronze for four/five, Silver for six, Gold for seven.
Adolf himself was one of six children. (Eight if you count half siblings.)
Apparently it would be awared on his mother’s birthday, but I’ve only found one report of that.

The French have (or had?) something similar,
but unlike the mutterskreuz there’s no racial element for elegibility.

I feel like I’m doing my history homework in primary school. :P
But anyway, let’s not dampen the mood with talk of genocidal dictators and their insidious ploys.


I have a great topic for the Pokitto mag. Pokitto schematics. If everyone pulls together I will make really pretty pictures + explanations.

So set the date for the publication and I will deliver


It’s pull-together time, people!
A deadline to aim for would be good.


How does June 1st sound?

Not impossible, but a bit soonish.


Would middle of June be a more realistic target? June 15th?

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June 15th would provide us just over 4 weeks of time to make and collect the material, put it all together, get some reviews, and get it out the door :ok_hand:

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Things are getting serious!
I hope not to exceed the delivery date.

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Exciting to have a deadline! It feels more real now. What is the content of the magazine?

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I was thinking something like this:

  1. Intro to Pokitto (short about section with some history and such)
  2. Links to important pages (such as forum, shop, etc…)
  3. Contents (index of articles)
  4. Main content section (split into categories? Maybe we should start a forum topic to collect all the content to see which categories will be included, color coded categories?)
  5. Highlighted projects (contests, noteworthy items)
  6. More general tech related items (Joke columns, comics, etc…)
  7. Summary
  8. Back page possibly filled with screen shots of games and programs in one large image?
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A good idea. Maybe you could collect all suggestions and commitments there are already, so people could add more or update the status or the commitment level?

One suggestion to the content: a “News and rumours” section, containing upcoming projects, tools(@fmanga :wink: ) etc.

Looks good overall!

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There’s a rumour going around that that @Pharap fellow is actually a human pretending to be a skeleton, but I don’t buy it!

I think he’s actually a cat!



Anybody want to make a little crossword puzzle for the magazine?

It could be made as a program but I think it is more fun in the traditional way, i.e. on “paper”.

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I love that idea!!

Like this? :stuck_out_tongue:



Number 6 has a typo: “harder do create”.

(So far I’ve thought of words for all but 3, but I’m not sure if they’re all right. :P)

Thanks. But I didn’t really intended this to be the real crossword for the magazine. This was just to quickly show how fast we can have that kind of things made. So I didn’t spell check or really search for clever definitions :sweat_smile:

Why not? I think it is just great.

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Because the one for the magazine will be much better then this one :wink: