Pokitto Mac Loader App v1.0


ok i updated the app now its back to a small size, its also now always the top window
its a little slow wen the device is plugged in but pressing the window will cause a refresh


ok i released version 1.0

its a now a proper mac application that runs in the menu bar
out of the way and you could have it always on if you wanted

it refreshed wen you press the icon or hover the file over the drop zone so it may say no pokitto detected but

this new version is a complete rewrite using native api calls

this will probably be the final version for this it has come a long way from fiddling in the command line

@jonne could we have an apps tab on the website to put all the useful software (this and img2pok spring to mind) similar to the games section maybe
since i think this will end up getting lost in the forum after a while


V 1.0 doesn’t work for me. I am using Mac OS High Sierra, but when I start the app it doesn’t give me an icon at the top or open any window.


Could you try right clicking on the app and then open?
I only have my development laptop to test on so it might be a signing problem since I had to turn of sandboxing

Is version 0.3 working?


I got it working now :slight_smile: But what is really the sense of that application? It detects the pokitto when start programming mode but it doesn’t automatic refresh. Its not really much faster than just copying the .bin file on the volume


Ooops wrong reply sorry

Here comes the right reply

The program is needed because Mac OSX automatically dumps extra system files on all volumes. The copy program prevents this from happening


Ahh, you mean the hidden files right? Okay thanks ^^


Yes sorry the additional finder/spotlight index files softlock the pokitto hardware
I can as a check every couple seconds but requesting stuff constantly from the finder slows the the hole system down

It will refresh wen you drag a bin file over it or togel the icon button

Basically the expected workflow is plug in pokitto and hit the buttons
Download or compile your game and Lastly open the pokitto tab to drag the file over wen it’s become s red it’s ready
Then just hit the reset button on device and enjoy


can you please provide version for mac os 10.10?


im sorry, this is written in the latest version of swift and its libraries aren’t compatible with .10

i strongly advice you to update the os

for the moment you can create a command file as shown here

sorry for the inconvenience